Epkgs: Melpa

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1. Missing from Melpa

The below packages, which are available from the Emacsmirror, are missing from Melpa. Not all of those packages should be added to Melpa (in fact most of them shouldn't), and if you decide to submit recipes for some of them, then please first make sure they meet the minimal requirements.

Also see https://github.com/melpa/melpa/issues/7892.

1.1. Github

Package (542) Link Summary
header-file 0x4b/header-file-mode Assign a major mode for header files
snort-mode BobuSumisu/snort-mode Major mode for editing Snort rules
todostack EvansWinner/todostack.el Keep a to-do list as a simple stack
org-bom Frozenlock/Org-Bill-of-materials Collect components across the entire org buffer
better-jump Fuco1/better-jump Execute actions at places
dired-hacks Fuco1/dired-hacks Collection of useful dired additions
keyadvice Fuco1/keyadvice.el Advice keybindings to run additional user defined code
sallet Fuco1/sallet Select candidates in a buffer
slime-js Gozala/slime-js Slime extension for swank-js
diatheke JasonFruit/diatheke.el A minor mode using the diatheke command-line Bible tool
font-lock-regression-suite Lindydancer/font-lock-regression-suite Test suite for font-lock
company-ess Lompik/company-ess R/ess Completion Backend for company-mode
org-defprop Neil-Smithline/org-defprop Define Org Mode variables and settings with a corresponding #+KEYWORDS
org-global-insert-link Neil-Smithline/org-global-insert-link Use Org Mode's ability to capture links in other modes
nyan-prompt PuercoPop/nyan-prompt Nyan Cat on the eshell prompt
org-extra-emphasis QiangF/org-extra-emphasis Extra Emphasis markers for Org
popup-frame Sarcasm/popup-frame Popup frame management
posn-on-screen Sarcasm/posn-on-screen Find the coordinates (x, y) around point on screen
json-sexp-mode TaylanUB/json-sexp-mode Edit JSON in s-expression form
doxygen TreeRex/doxygen-el Support for doxygen style comments
cycle-buffer VladimirAlexiev/emacs-cycle-buffer Select buffer by cycling through
org-reading abhiyerra/org-reading Manage your reading with org-mode
abel abo-abo/abel Abbrevs for Elisp
cc-chainsaw abo-abo/cc-chainsaw A few tricks to make c++-mode go
eltex abo-abo/eltex Write LaTeX in Emacs Lisp
latex-wrap abo-abo/latex-wrap Wrap selection with a LaTeX environment
noprefix abo-abo/noprefix Strip/dress namespace prefix from Elisp package
window-margin aculich/window-margin.el Automatic margins for visual-line-mode wrapping
helm-mu-contacts agpchil/helm-mu-contacts Mu contacts source for helm
sourcepawn-mode agrif/sourcepawn-mode SourcePawn major mode for emacs
code-imports ahyatt/code-imports A module for organizing and adding to code imports
lazarus ajvargo/Lazarus Open recently closed files
e2wm-perspb aki2o/e2wm-perspb Plugin of e2wm.el for buffer list of persp-mode.el
tenv aki2o/elisp-test Provide functions for test environment building
one-key-local aki2o/one-key-local Create menu of one-key.el for any major-mode or minor-mode
yaol aki2o/yaol-el Yet another outline
ecd akicho8/ecd Easy Change Directory
text-align akicho8/text-align スペースを削除してカラムを揃える
acme-mouse akrito/acme-mouse Mouse-button chording
diff-git alanfalloon/diff-git.el Git integration with diff-mode
org-passwords alfaromurillo/org-passwords.el Org derived mode for managing passwords
org-daypage almost/org-daypage Org-Mode Day Page
frame-bufs alpaker/frame-bufs A minor mode for frame-relative buffer lists
erc-highlight-nicknames amalloy/erc-highlight-nick Highlights nicknames
activator apg/activator-el An init.d style config manager
kibit-mode aredington/kibit-mode Enhance clojure-mode with Kibit analysis
flymake-csslint arnested/flymake-csslint Making flymake work with CSSLint
autocompletion-php-functions ashizawa/autocompletion-php-functions Auto complete php functions
html-fold ataka/html-fold Fold HTML elements
epom aufrank/epom Pomodoro time management in emacs
skeleton-complete baohaojun/skeleton-complete Dynamically expand expressions by provided skeleton (flex matching)
mailcrypt barak/mailcrypt Mail encryption with PGP
velocity bard/emacs-velocity Search, browse, create text in multiple formats
nazna baron/nazna.el Mental arithmetic for emacs
binmove beketa/binmove Minor mode to move cursor up / down like binary search
screensend benwbooth/screensend.el Send blocks of text from emacs to screen or tmux sessions
speechd brailcom/speechd-el Library for accessing Speech Dispatcher
octopress-tentacle brighid/octopress-tentacle Tools for Octopress/Jekyll blogs
im-notification bvtrach/emacs-im-notification Emacs input method notification via D-Bus
monorepo-cadadr cadadr/elisp A monorepo containing unrelated packages
ecco joaotavora/ecco A port of docco
edice joaotavora/edice Really, why would you want to roll dice in Emacs?
ebm carrl/ebm Emacs Bookmarks
exim ch11ng/exim Emacs X Input Method
backups-mode chadbraunduin/backups-mode Major mode for autosaving files and listing, viewing, and reverting Em
css-format chalmagean/css-format.el Toggle CSS inline/multiline block format
current-story charlietanksley/current-story Track and insert current Pivotal Tracker
dictem cheusov/dictem DICT protocol client (rfc-2229) for [X]Emacs
gitsum leahneukirchen/gitsum Basic darcsum feelalike for Git
twiki christopherjwhite/emacs-twiki-mode Mode for editing Twiki wiki files for emacs
curl cinsk/emacs-curl CURL binding for elisp
sofa cinsk/emacs-sofa CouchDB console (like Futon)
vim-modeline cinsk/emacs-vim-modeline Vim modeline support
revealjs-mode cjohansen/revealjs-mode Minor mode to navigate and edit HTML files
clasker clasker/clasker An experimental tracker for Emacs
ical2org cofi/ical2org Convert icalendar to org
evil-elscreen coldnew/evil-elscreen Evil wrpaaer to use elscreen as tab
linum-ace coldnew/linum-ace Display line number as character like ace-jump-line-mode
stack-mode commercialhaskell/stack-ide A minor mode enabling various features based on stack-ide
bing-api coordinate/bingapiel Use bing api
eimap corecode/eimap Imap processing using a streaming data model
emacs-android cpc26/emacs-android Android Development with GNU/Emacs
worklog credmp/worklog The Emacs timetracker
songbook crep4ever/songbook-emacs-mode Major mode for editing the song files of Patacrep songbook
esv csebold/esv.el Support for Crossway's ESV API in Emacs
mandoku-meta-kr cwittern/KR Metadata for the KR repository to be used by Mandoku
trindle daichirata/trindle Simple Emacs LISP management extension
highlight-sexp daimrod/highlight-sexp Highlight current zone according to its context
perlbrew-mini dams/perlbrew-mini.el A simple perlbrew wrapper for Emacs
makefile-runner danamlund/emacs-makefile-runner Searches for Makefile and fetches targets
minimal dandavison/minimal Minimalist Emacs appearance
org-buffers dandavison/org-buffers An Org-mode tool for buffer management
paredit-c dandavison/paredit-c Paredit mode for C-style languages
evimodeline danderson/evimodeline Vim modeline support
fzf-native dangduc/fzf-native Fuzzy completion style
wordpress-mode danlamanna/wordpress-mode A minor mode for speeding up WordPress development in emacs
theme-park-mode darrik/theme-park-mode Take your themes for a ride!
avmmf davep/avmmf.el AVM Microformat tools for emacs
constellations davep/constellations.el Constellation tools
festival davep/festival.el Emacs interface into festival
fscroll davep/fscroll.el Make scroll-{up,down} go all the way
icmp-info davep/icmp-info.el ICMP information tool
ngn davep/ngn.el Quickly insert a newsgroup name
nukneval davep/nukneval.el Nuke and reevaluate an elisp buffer
smartsig davep/smartsig.el Smart signature selection based on message content
unbind davep/unbind.el Commands for unbinding things
aml-mode david-christiansen/aml-mode An Emacs major mode for AML
come-fly davidmiller/come-fly Minor mode for the Sinatra web mini-framework
fab davidmiller/fabmacs Fabric integration for Emacs
thrift-mode davidmiller/thrift-mode Major mode for editing Thrift definition files
sbt dchenbecker/sbt.el Support for running sbt in inferior mode
slate-config-mode ddjfreedom/slate-config-mode A major mode to edit .slate file to config Slate window manager
auto-pep8 deactivated/auto-pep8.el Minor mode to automatically run pep8 on save
dedent deactivated/dedent-el Add and remove indentation during copy and paste
edit-thing deactivated/edit-thing-el Narrow-to-region on steroids
hl-tags-mode deactivated/hl-tags-mode Highlight the current SGML tag context
reddit-mode death/reddit-mode Support for the Reddit time sink
showoff-mode developernotes/showoff-mode Major mode to edit showoff presentation files in Emacs
pymacs dgentry/Pymacs Interface between Emacs Lisp and Python
rcfiles didierverna/el-rcfiles Unix-like rc files for Emacs Lisp libraries
wipe didierverna/wipe Whitespace Inspection and Pruning for Emacs
multi-column-mode diiq/multi-column-mode Multi-column editing
mailq dimitri/mailq-el A major mode for `mailq' interaction
pgsql-linum-format dimitri/pgsql-linum-format Dimitri Fontaine
pgsrc dimitri/pgsrc-el Source Code Editing Facilities for PostgreSQL
mu4e djcb/mu Part of mu4e, the mu mail user agent
org-manage dmgerman/org-manage Manage org files in a given directory
masquerade-mode dsevilla/masquerade-mode-el Minor mode to add templating capabilities to any mode
gplus-mode ellencubed/gplus-mode Major mode for Google Plus
eaf-airshare emacs-eaf/eaf-airshare Airshare plugins
eaf-browser emacs-eaf/eaf-browser Browser plugins
eaf-file-manager emacs-eaf/eaf-file-manager File manager
eaf-pdf-viewer emacs-eaf/eaf-pdf-viewer PDF Viewer
eaf-terminal emacs-eaf/eaf-terminal Terminal plugins
eaf-video-player emacs-eaf/eaf-video-player Video player
eaf emacs-eaf/emacs-application-framework Emacs application framework
ess-stata-mode emacs-ess/ess-stata-mode Stata customization
ajc-java-complete emacs-java/auto-java-complete Auto Java Completion for GNU Emacs
emir emacscollective/emir Maintain the Emacsmirror
sinasi emk/sinasi Sinasi Is Not A SproutCore IDE
test-framework epsil/test-framework.el Framework for unit testing
sunrise-commander escherdragon/sunrise-commander Two-pane file manager for Emacs based on Dired and inspired by MC
rustfmt fbergroth/emacs-rustfmt Format rust code using rustfmt
lyricwiki febuiles/lyricwiki.el An Emacs mode to fetch lyrics
a2ps-multibyte ffevotte/a2ps-multibyte.el Print buffers with a2ps even when they are encoded in utf-8
projutils fgallina/projutils.el Project utils
startupd fgallina/startupd.el Modular loading of Emacs configuration
atom fperrin/atom Create an Atom feed
powershell-mode fperrin/powershell-mode Mode for editing Powershell scripts
vc-partial-commit fperrin/vc-partial-commit Commit only some changes from a diff
recaptcha fsmunoz/recaptcha An Emacs Lisp interface to reCAPTCHA
wmii fsmunoz/wmii-el Elisp controller for the wmii window-manager
kindly-mode fukamachi/kindly-mode Amazon Kindle-like view mode
textsnip functionreturnfunction/textsnip.el Posts text to textsnip for sharing
expectations-mode clojure-expectations/expectations-mode Minor mode for expectations tests
smart-quotes gareth-rees/smart-quotes Smart Quotes minor mode for GNU Emacs
uzumaki geyslan/uzumaki A simple buffer cycler
review gigamonkey/review Commands for inserting review comments
org-nan gkappler/org-nan Narrowing to multiple subtrees for Org-mode entries
uncrustify glima/Emacs-uncrustify Apply uncrustify on buffer region
orgrade gucong/emacs-orgrade Grade book built upon orgtbl that accelerates input
smart-todo gyordanov/smart-todo.el Makes it easier to quickly add todos
evelnote hadashiA/evelnote-for-evernote Sync evernote note with emacs buffer
buffer-timer hardaker/elisp-buffer-timer Track your time based on the buffers you edit
switch-files hardaker/elisp-switch-files Switch between matched pairs of files and follow include directives
cl-merge haxney/cl-merge Add a `cl-merge-struct' function
ezbl haxney/ezbl Emacs interface for Uzbl (uzbl.org)
mysql haxney/mysql Mysql front-end
ca2+ hjanetzek/ca2 An improved fork of `company-mode'
highrise hober/37emacs Client for 37Signals' Highrise API
foursquare hober/foursquare-el Foursquare client for Emacs
html5-tok hober/html5-el HTML Tokenizer
wordnik hober/wordnik-el Client library for the Wordnik API
lsdb ikazuhiro/lsdb The Lovely Sister Database
smartchr imakado/emacs-smartchr Emacs version of smartchr.vim
wikidot-mode infochimps-customers/wikidot-mode Major mode for editing documents from Wikidot (http://wikidot.com)
lispy-mnemonic itsjeyd/lispy-mnemonic Mnemonic key bindings for Lispy
epackage jaalto/project–emacs-epackage Distributed Emacs Lisp Package System (DELPS)
pry jacott/emacs-pry Interaction with the ruby pry command
nimrod-mode jameshfisher/nimrod-mode A major mode for the Nimrod programming language
vimvars jamesyoungman/vimvars Emacs support for VI modelines
includeme jart/includeme Auto C/C++ '#include' and 'using' in Emacs
flx-rs jcs-elpa/flx-rs Flx in Rust using dynamic module
fuz-bin jcs-elpa/fuz-bin Fast and precise fuzzy scoring/matching utils
github-tags jcs-elpa/github-tags Retrieve tags information through GitHub API
sublime-fuzzy jcs-elpa/sublime-fuzzy Fuzzy matching algorithm like Sublime Text's string search
flxy jcs-legacy/flxy Fast, character-based search library in Rust
muse-blog jd/muse-blog.el Keep and publish a blog
qooxdoo jdodds/qooxdoo.el Helper functions for working with qooxdoo
trelloel jdodds/trelloel Communication layer for the Trello API
cdmi-mode jeastman/cdmi-mode An emacs mode for working with CDMI data
gdb-bp-session jglee1027/gdb-bp-session Save and Restore breakpoints for Emacs gdb
jda jglee1027/jda-minor-mode Jong-Gyu Development Assistant minor mode for Developers
cdecl jhgorrell/cdecl-el Run cdecl
ultex jhpalmieri/ultratex Ultra-TeX mode
egit jimhourihan/egit Emacs git commit history interface ala gitk and qgit
quick-jump jixiuf/quick-jump Remember current position,and jump back
comicscript jkersey/comicscript A major mode for editing comic script files
ac-dscanner jmaschme/ac-dscanner Auto Completion source for dscanner for GNU Emacs
taskpaper jonasoberschweiber/taskpaper-el Taskpaper implementation for Emacs
ergore jonnay/ergore Personal Bitlbee robot and helper
clojure-refactoring-mode joodie/clojure-refactoring Minor mode for basic clojure
simple-slides joodie/emacs-simple-slides Show page-break (L) separated files as slides
iswitch-menu joodie/iswitch-menu Use iswitch to access menus
slime-complete-locals joodie/slime-complete-locals Complete functions taking locally mentioned symbols into account
simplegv-mode jordonbiondo/simplegv-mode Editing mode of JLSCircuitTester files
cheat-fu jpablobr/cheat-fu-mode An interface to the cheat-fu service
ruby-comint jpablobr/ruby-comint.el Run a ruby process in a compilation buffer
flowtimer jrockway/time-utils-el Let yourself work in sprints
hsearch jschaf/hsearch A major mode to search Haskell
ical-event jtatarik/ical-event ICalendar Event Object
yeoman julienXX/yeoman.el Interact with Yeoman from Emacs
pgrok juri/pgrok Project Grokking for Emacs
fuzzy-find-in-project justinweiss/fuzzy-find-in-project Emacs binding to the `fuzzyfilefinder' rubygem
git-undo jwiegley/git-undo-el Revert region to most recent Git historical version
gnus-harvest jwiegley/gnus-harvest Harvest e-mail address from read/written articles
multiple-line-edit k-talo/multiple-line-edit.el Edit multiple line at a time
old-fashioned-undo k-talo/old-fashioned-undo.el Undo/Redo in very simple, and old fashioned way
networkmanager k-ten/networkmanager-el Define hooks which run after changing a status of network
twittering-dframe k-ten/twittering-dframe Dedicate frame for twittering-mode
w3m-https-everywhere k-ten/w3m-https-everywhere Encrypting your communications with a number of major websites
drill-instructor k1LoW/emacs-drill-instructor Enforce key-bind of Emacs
key-cast k1LoW/emacs-key-cast Key comannd casting interface
gnus-est kawabata/gnus-est Search mail with HyperEstraier
jaunte kawaguchi/jaunte Cursor teleportation
goby kazu-yamamoto/Goby WYSIWYG presentation tool
1000-words kensanata/1000-words Limit yourself to the most common words while writing
bidi kensanata/emacs-bidi Bidi support for Emacs
erobot kensanata/erobot Game with elisp functions trying to survive
eval-sexp-in-comments kensanata/eval-sexp-in-comments Evaluate sexps in comments
htmlr kensanata/htmlr HTML rendering in Elisp
idle-scroll kensanata/idle-scroll Scroll down a line when Emacs is idle
kdic kensanata/kdic Practice your Kanji using a dictionary
loops kensanata/loops Detect loops in lists
mu kensanata/mu Play on a MUSH or MUD within Emacs
really-simple-wiki kensanata/really-simple-wiki Edit local raw wiki pages
sql-transform kensanata/sql-transform Transform SQL statements
toolbox kensanata/toolbox Create simple menus in buffers
unparen kensanata/unparen Show elisp code without parenthesis'
wiki kensanata/wiki Hypertext authoring the WikiWay
cppref kentaro/emacs-cppref A Simple C++ Reference Viewer
ditz kentaro/emacs-ditz Emacs interface to Ditz issue tracking system
org-protocol-github-lines kidd/org-protocol-github-lines Open files and lines in emacs from your browser (when on github)
inertial-scroll kiwanami/emacs-inertial-scroll Global minor mode for inertial scrolling
bookem kjfletch/bookem-el Bookmark system organising bookmarks into groups
jamar kliph/jamar-el What's the math?
auto-complete-golang koko1000ban/auto-complete-golang Auto-complete.el source for golang
kindle-mode kototama/kindle-mode A minor mode for the Kindle 'My Clippings.txt' file
crisp-mode krisajenkins/crisp-mode Major mode for Crisp code
terminal-notifier krismolendyke/terminal-notifier.el OS X Notification Center messages
ii-mode krl/ii-mode Handle files created by irc client ii
bookiez larsmagne/bookiez.el Managing Books
cddb larsmagne/cddb.el Cddb interface
dae larsmagne/dae.el Digital Audio Extraction
eval-server larsmagne/eval-server.el A framework for doing client/server things
movie larsmagne/movie.el Playing movies
pdfscan larsmagne/pdfscan.el Scanning and cropping
pvr larsmagne/pvr.el Personal Video Recorder
scan larsmagne/scan.el Scanning Sleeves
scrobble larsmagne/scrobble.el Interfacing with last.fm
tellstick larsmagne/tellstick.el Controlling tellstick controllers
touchgrid larsmagne/touchgrid.el Executing actions based on input events
explain-pause-mode lastquestion/explain-pause-mode Explain emacs pauses
grr leathekd/grr.el Simple Growl notifications for Emacs and Mac OS X
org-helpers leoc/org-helpers.el Summered for Emacs
docsetutil leoliu/docsetutil-el Use Cocoa/iOS documentations in emacs
gtags leoliu/gtags-el Gtags facility for Emacs
bd-set-mark lewang/bd-set-mark Allow forward movement in mark-ring
delim-pad lewang/delim-pad Control space padding around delimiters
generic-edit-special lewang/generic-edit-special Editing submodes html css javascript
mru-yank lewang/leemacsMRUyank Most Recently Used stacking for kill-ring
whole-line-funcs lewang/leemacswholelinefuncs Triple-click like line marking functions
xargs-grep lewang/leemacsxargsgrep Grep large sets of files by using xargs
theme-helper lewang/theme-helper Create color themes faster
try-code lewang/try-code Try out a new idea by commenting out old code
unique-window-buffers lewang/unique-window-buffers Try to avoid showing same buffer in two windows on the same frame
cygstart lieutar/cygstart.el Run Windows application associated with a file
find-git lieutar/find-git.el Git working tree browser
framov lieutar/framov.el Minor mode and any commands for Emacsen on X-Window System
simo lieutar/simo.el Simple image manuplation object
yatest lieutar/yatest.el Simple test framework
metapost-mode+ liyu1981/metapost-mode- Drawing with metapost interactively in Emacs
lookup lookup2/lookup2 Search interface to electronic dictionaries
weather mad/weather.el Retrieve weather
libgit magit/libegit2 Thin bindings to libgit2
awesome-tab manateelazycat/awesome-tab Provide an out of box configuration to use tab in Emacs
color-rg manateelazycat/color-rg Search and refacotry code with rg
lsp-bridge manateelazycat/lsp-bridge LSP bridge
snails manateelazycat/snails A modern, easy-to-expand fuzzy search framework
mplayer-mode markhepburn/mplayer-mode Control mplayer, facilitating transcription and note-taking
tags-view markhepburn/tags-view Display and navigate tags browsing history
git-find-file marktriggs/git-find-file.el Incremental search for files in a git repo
tbemail martinp26/tbemail Provide syntax highlighting for email editing via
distel massemanet/distel Top-level of distel package, loads all subparts
esn mattfidler/Emacs-Speaks-NONMEM Emacs Speaks NONMEM
ac-r mattfidler/ac-R Autocompletion routines for R
guess-tex-master mattfidler/guess-tex-master.el Guess LaTeX Master File
org-readme mattfidler/org-readme Integrates Readme.org and Commentary/Change-logs
diff-ediff matthewlmcclure/diff-ediff Navigate diff files with Ediff
etags-update mattkeller/etags-update Update TAGS when saving a file
mk-project mattkeller/mk-project Lightweight project handling
eproject-peepopen mbarnett/eproject-peepopen Graphical file chooser for Emacs on Mac OS X
seognil md11235/seognil Query words in massaged dictionaries in lingoes format
el-index medikoo/el-index Generic index mode for Emacs
asciidoc metaperl/asciidoc-el Asciidoc text file development support
perlmonks metaperl/emacs-perlmonks A simple interface to www.perlmonks.org
indent-hints-mode mgalgs/indent-hints-mode Get some hints about whether your buffer is
color-dired mhayashi1120/Emacs-color-dired Make colorize dired buffer by modified time
findwalker mhayashi1120/Emacs-findwalker Find file utilities
gosh-mode mhayashi1120/Emacs-gosh-mode Programming language gauche editing tools
openssl-cipher mhayashi1120/Emacs-openssl-cipher Encrypt/Decrypt string with password by openssl
smart-log mhayashi1120/smart-log.el View log file mode with intepretting miscellaneous time format
buftoggle michaelw/buftoggle Toggles between related buffers and files
mini-popup minad/mini-popup Show the minibuffer in a popup
polyp minad/polyp Nested transient menus
uchronia minad/uchronia Uchronia mode
lilypond-hook mjago/lilypond-hook Automatically display and play lilypond Score
epydoc mooz/epydoc Pydoc interface for emacs
cn-outline mori-dev/cn-outline Minor mode for column-number-base line folding
sync-scroll mori-dev/sync-scroll Scroll Up and Scroll Down 2 window
sysuplist-mode mrBliss/sysuplist-mode Emacs Major mode for Yaourt's update selection
ert-extras mrc/ert-extras Some extensions to ert
noob-arrows-mode n3mo/noob-arrows-mode.el Noob arrows minor mode
mark-select namikister/mark-select Mark and select interface
transcript natfarleydev/transcript-el Edit transcripts of sound recordings
assert-rtn neil-smithline-elisp/assert-rtn A more functional implementation of `assert'
defhook neil-smithline-elisp/defhook Declare hook functionality rather dynamically implementing it
org-status neil-smithline-elisp/org-status Tweet using `org-mode's capture functionality
mv-shell nflath/mv-shell Keep buffers in sync with filename throughout 'mv'commands in shell-mo
ios-config-mode nibrahim/IOS-config-mode Edit Cisco IOS configuration files
elpad-client nicferrier/elpad-client A client for elpad
wikidoc nicferrier/elwikidoc Use elisp doc strings to make other documentation
huskie nicferrier/emacs-huskie Chainsaw powered logging
isea nicferrier/emacs-isea Interactive server eval at mode, a comint for a daemonized emacs
lisp-editing nicferrier/emacs-lisp-editing-tools Lisp editing tools
maildir nicferrier/emacs-maildir A full maildir handling tool
ngircd nicferrier/emacs-ngircd Start ngircd servers from emacs
package-store nicferrier/emacs-package-store A package cache
rb nicferrier/emacs-rhythmbox Control rhythmbox from emacs
sequence nicferrier/emacs-sequence Makes sequences of numbers
swarmhacker nicferrier/emacs-swarmhacker Simple swarm chat
org-email nicferrier/org-email Use org for an email database
org-presie nicferrier/org-presie Simple presentation with an org file
paste nicferrier/pasteel Paste server with elnode
phantomjs nicferrier/phantomjsel Handle phantomjs
rcirc-robots nicferrier/rcirc-robots Robots based on rcirc irc
skinny nicferrier/skinny A blog engine with elnode
ssl-mode npc3/ssl-mode Emacs Major mode for S/SL files
async-eval nschum/async-eval.el Execute Emacs lisp in a separate process
compile-bookmarks nschum/compile-bookmarks.el Bookmarks for compilation commands
doc-mode nschum/doc-mode Convenient editing of in-code documentation
echo-pick nschum/echo-pick.el Filter for echo area status messages
elk-test nschum/elk-test Emacs Lisp testing framework
guess-style nschum/guess-style Automatic setting of code style variables
recent-addresses nschum/recent-addresses.el Store and recall recently used email addresses
rotate-text nschum/rotate-text.el Cycle through words, symbols and patterns
tempo-snippets nschum/tempo-snippets.el Visual insertion of tempo templates
async-completing-read oantolin/async-completing-read An async-capable completing read function
completing-history oantolin/completing-history Insert history items with completion
epithet oantolin/epithet Rename buffers with descriptive names
live-completions oantolin/live-completions Live updating of the Completions buffer
math-delimiters oantolin/math-delimiters Insert math delimiters in TeX, LaTeX and Org buffers
placeholder oantolin/placeholder Easy insertion and filling of placeholders in text
restricto oantolin/restricto Restrict to current minibuffer completion candidates
rubyinterpol ober/rubyinterpol Ruby-like String Interpolation for format
zone-matrix ober/zone-matrix The matrix screen saver on Emacs
antlr-runtime olabini/antlr-elisp Antlr runtime
symbols-mode orontee/symbols-mode List symbols of object files
inf-ruby-bond pd/inf-ruby-bond Bond autocompletion support for inf-ruby
swallow-window pd/swallow-window.el Grow the current window into the space occupied by neighboring windows
show-arglist peccu/show-arglist.el Showing arglist of function at point
save-packages petere/emacs-save-packages Save and restore installed packages
etexshow pgundlach/etexshow Browser for ConTeXt commands
itimer pheaver/itimer-el List and operate on emacs timers
etest philjackson/etest Run tests and get back a hierarchical set of results
mythryl-mode phr/mythryl-mode Major mode for editing Mythryl code
pmd pmd/pmd-emacs Major mode for plugging PMD into Emacs
elpaca progfolio/elpaca An elisp package manager
helm-words pronobis/helm-words Helm extension for looking up words in dictionaries and thesauri
yammer psanford/emacs-yammer Simple tool for accessing yammer.com
git-code-review psanford/git-code-review-el Code review tool for Emacs
h2o punchagan/h2o Orgmode-formatted READMEs for your ELisp
org-hyde punchagan/org-hyde Export hyde-ready posts from org-mode entries
atoctx quantumkid/atoctx Converts some LaTeX syntax to ConTeXt
tumblr-mode qxj/tumblr-mode Major mode for Tumblr
dumbparens radian-software/dumbparens Simple paren-matching solution
straight radian-software/straight.el Next-generation package manager
emux re5et/emux Emacs Lisp Behaviour-Driven Development framework
edbc redraiment/edbc Emacs database access technology
keats rejeep/keats Keybinding Cheats
auto-mounter renard/auto-mount-el Manage automounts using dbus
darken-text renard/darken-text Darken font-faced text in emacs
db-sql renard/db-sql-el Connect to SQL server using tramp syntax
dired-sync renard/dired-sync Sync directories within dired
dired-xattr renard/dired-xattr Handle MacOSX Finder color label in dired
git-auto-commit renard/git-auto-commit Git auto commit directory
gnus-identities renard/gnus-identities Change identity when composing a message
indicate-changes renard/indicate-change Indicate buffer modifications in fringe
indirect-region renard/indirect-region Act like indirect-buffer but for region
keyboard-converter renard/keyboard-converter Convert string from keyboard layouts
nnir-spotlight renard/nnir-spotlight Use MacOSX sportlight as nnir backend
osxpkg renard/osxpkg Manage Mac OSX packages
ssh-config renard/ssh-config-el Manage both ssh and dsh confguration from emacs
string-template renard/string-template-el Support for $-substitution
tap-mode renormalist/emacs-tap-mode Major mode for editing .tap-files
kappa rhz/kappa-emacs Major mode for Kappa models
mark-forward-sexp rlister/mark-forward-sexp Mark regions sematically inside balanced expressions
insert-time rmm5t/insert-time.el Insert time and date stamps at point
utf8islove robsimmons/utf8islove Quail package for TeX integration
infix rspeele/infix.el Infix operators for Emacs Lisp
pcb-mode rswarbrick/pcb-mode Major mode providing a pcb mode hook for Emacs
auto-document rubikitch/auto-document Automatic document generator of Emacs Lisp
codepad ruediger/emacs-codepad Emacs integration for codepad.org
firefox-remote ruediger/emacs-firefox-remote Support for Firefox' remote debugging protocol ;;
osm-mode ruediger/osm-mode OpenStreetMap (OSM) support for Emacs
inform-mode rupertl/inform-mode Major mode for Inform 6 interactive fiction code
numwin ruricolist/numwin Generalized window numbering for Emacs
org-velocity ruricolist/org-velocity Something like Notational Velocity for Org
elisp-slime-expand russell/elisp-slime-expand A SLIME inspired expander for macros
fullscreen-mode ryantm/fullscreen-mode Fullscreen window support for Emacs
ogi ryuslash/ogi Github issues in org-mode
twiki-org saintaardvark/twiki-org Major mode for editing twiki documents
cheat samsonjs/cheat.el A handy interface to the command line utility cheat
sentence-highlight sbelak/sentence-highlight Highlight the current sentence
popup+ scjung/popup-plus Enhancement of `popup.el'
linum-relativenumber scottjad/linum-relativenumber Add relative line numbers to linum
icons-in-terminal sebastiencs/icons-in-terminal Use any font without replacing or patching your font
spinasm-mode segoh/spinasm-mode Mode for editing SpinAsm code
cucumber-i18n senny/cucumber-i18n.el Translate i18n keys inside cucumber features
qa-mode senny/qa-mode Major mode to edit QA files for SuperMemo
bbcode sensorflo/bbcode A major-mode for editing bbcode
font-lock-ext sensorflo/font-lock-ext Extensions to Emacs font-lock.el
mks sensorflo/mks Mks source interface for emacs
clang-lookup sheijk/clang-lookup Goto symbol definition using clang
helm-project shishi/helm-project Finding any resource of a project
zwiebel silentbicycle/zwiebel Work/break interval timer
ant-project-mode skeeto/ant-project-mode Minor mode supporting Apache Ant projects
latch skeeto/elisp-latch Promises and latches for Elisp
youtube-dl skeeto/youtube-dl-emacs Manages a youtube-dl queue
opscode-sign skeptomai/opscode-emacs-sign Opscode API request signer
open-related-file skirino/open-related-file Open file related to the currently-opened file
google-calendar slaanesh/Google-Calendar-Elisp Google Calender API implementation
parfait-mode sorellabs/parfait-mode Prettifies your code by removing needless clutter
ertorrent spacebat/ertorrent An rtorrent xml-rpc interface and ui
xrc spacebat/xrc Syntax sugar and other goodies for working with xml-rpc.el
recipe-mode sshelagh/recipe-mode A mode to make writing, finding recipes easy
remind-conf-mode sshelagh/remind-conf-mode A mode to help configure remind
sclang supercollider/scel IDE for working with the SuperCollider language
fs-mode suzp1984/fs-mode Linux file system menagement
pulseaudio suzp1984/pulseaudio-mode Pulseaudio control panel
puppet-pi-mode t9md/puppet-pi-mode.el Interface to puppet commandline tool pi
mew-ical tagoh/mew-ical ICalendar support for Mew
frame-ctr takaxp/frame-ctr A tool to control frame size, position, and font size
inf-php taksatou/inf-php Run a php interactive shell in a buffer
let-recur tali713/tail-call Simplified implementation of recur
bundle tarao/bundle-el An el-get wrapper
gaplay te223/gaplay-el An audio player for GNU Emacs
auto-complete-latex-light tequilasunset/auto-complete-latex-light An abbreviated version of the auto-complete-latex
clip2org thamer/clip2org Convert Kindle's My Clippings.txt into Org
auto-complete-clang-objc tharpa/auto-complete-clang-objc Auto Completion source for clang for GNU Emacs
borg-queen thblt/borg-queen Manage, install and upgrade Borg drones
s3 ryancrum/s3.el Interact with Amazon Web Services S3
trac-wiki tiborsimko/trac-wiki-el Edit trac wiki pages in emacs via XML-RPC
campfire timcharper/campfire-el An interface to campfire
ido-other-window timcharper/ido-other-window Invoke ido completion in other window
ert-buffer-report tj64/ert-buffer-report Extensions for ert-buffer.el
org-hlc tj64/org-hlc Hidden-lines-cookies for folded Org-mode headlines
org-watchdoc tj64/org-watchdoc Watchdog for exported Org-mode trees
picolisp-wiki-mode tj64/picolisp-wiki-mode Emacs Major mode for PicoLisp-Wiki formatted text files
codethumb tkf/emacs-codethumb Show code thumbnail
wmctrl tkf/emacs-wmctrl Control X Window Manager from Emacs
helm-build-command tkf/helm-build-command Helm/anything interface for build commands
hide-url tkf/hide-url.el Hide annoyingly long URLs
ne2wm tkf/ne2wm TODO Describe what this package does
ant-mode tkg/ant-mode Mode for Ant build files
stickies tkosaka/emacs-lisp-stickies Stickies
pickel tlh/pickel.el Elisp object serialization
recs-mode tlh/recs-mode.el [R]eg[E]xp-based [C]ommand [S]uggestion
easy-imenu-index-generator tm8st/emacs-easy-imenu-index-generator Easy implement imenu-create-index-function
yafastnav tm8st/emacs-yafastnav Yet another fastnav
ob-markdown tnoda/ob-markdown Org-babel functions for markdown evaluation
griffin tokenrove/griffin A static blog generator à la Jekyll
fuzzyjump tomoya/fuzzyjump.el Jump to where you (almost) want
html-key-chord-mode tomoya/html-key-chord-mode Support html tagging key chord
xyzzy tomoya/xyzzy.el Can use the function with built-in xyzzy
xdg-paths tomprince/xdg-paths-el XDG Base Directory Specification paths for emacs
mew-unread tortkis/mew-unread Folder list mode for mew
helm-find-files-in-project tototoshi/helm-find-files-in-project Find files in project from helm
csr-mode trailbound/csr-mode Major mode for editing .csr files
dvorak-mode traveter/dvorak-mode Minor mode for convert qwerty input to dvorak input
ob-mathematica tririver/ob-mathematica Org-babel functions for Mathematica evaluation
git-emacs tsgates/git-emacs Yet another git emacs mode for newbies
pylookup tsgates/pylookup Look up python documents (reference) in Emacs
emacspeak tvraman/emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop
quickfix-mode ulises/quickfix-mode A mode for quickfixing common programming errors
rd-mode uwabami/rdtool Major mode for RD editing
owl-functional-mode vakkermans/owl-functional-mode Simple Emacs major mode for the OWL functional syntax
lagn vanicat/lagn A music player for Emacs that uses xmms2 as its backend
colour-region vapniks/colour-region Toggle regions of the buffer with different text snippets
erc-babel vapniks/erc-babel Communicate with ERC in different languages using online translation s
eviews vapniks/eviews-mode Major-mode for editing eviews program files
jb-misc-functions vapniks/jb-misc-functions Miscellaneous functions for keymaps & other things
lazy-search vapniks/lazy-search Lazy Search
one-key vapniks/one-key Easy access configurable popup menus to display keybindings and other
show-marks vapniks/show-marks Navigate and visualize the mark-ring
spss vapniks/spss-mode Major-mode for editing SPSS program files
i3 vava/i3-emacs Bindings for i3 WM IPC
package-demo vermiculus/package-demo Scripted emacs sessions
ido-better-flex vic/ido-better-flex A better flex (fuzzy) algorithm for Ido
spiral volrath/spiral Clojure IDE based on UNREPL
mvc wachikun/mvc M(eta;ulti;enu) Version Control Interface
nreplxmp wakala/nreplxmp Lispxmp porting for clojure nrepl
moneylog watter/moneylog-el Provide a way to enter moneylog logs
yql wfarr/yql-el Emacs Lisp library for accessing YQL
auto-complete-ya-gtags whitypig/auto-complete-ya-gtags A source for auto-complete
popup-global-mark-ring whitypig/popup-global-mark-ring Jumping Interactively through global mark ring
qtref whitypig/qtref An interface with Qt API reference on Emacs
ya-cppref whitypig/ya-cppref An interface using w3m with cppreference.com references on Emacs
mail-bug yPhil-gh/mail-bug A purely IMAP based email client for EMACS
buffer-action xwl/buffer-action Perform actions(compile/run, etc) in buffer based on mode/filename
chicken-scheme-extras xwl/chicken-scheme-extras Non-standard macros and special forms support
dired-view xwl/dired-view Dired view mode
easy-todo xwl/easy-todo Manage your todos in an extremely easy way!
finkinfo-mode xwl/finkinfo-mode Major mode for editing fink info files
ga xwl/ga Generic apt alike interfaces for various package management tools
gmail-notifier xwl/gmail-notifier Notify unread gmail on mode line
graphviz-dot xwl/graphviz-dot Major mode for editing graphviz dot files
less xwl/less Less style view mode
wubi xwl/wubi Chinese-wubi input method in Emacs
accelerate yagunov/accelerate.el Pump numeric arg for auto-repeated interactive commands
igor-mode yamad/igor-mode Major mode for editing Igor Pro procedure files
manued yamauchih/manued A minor mode of manued proofreading method
go-svg yhvh/go-svg-mode A go gtp interface with svg image support
terrible-template yonkeltron/terrible-template Templates that don't suck, just terrible
tmt-mode yoshiki/tmt-mode Major mode for editing Text::MicroTemplate syntax
tx-mode yoshiki/tx-mode Major mode for editing Text::Xslate syntax
helm-google-contacts yuutayamada/helm-google-contacts Search google contacts list by helm
node-console yuutayamada/node-console Execute javascript by node.js from Emacs
door-gnus yyr/door-gnus Hack to enter, bury, unbury gnus
namelist-mode yyr/namelist-mode Major Mode for editing f90 namelist files
monorepo-zenitani zenitani/elisp A monorepo containing unrelated packages
csp-mode zonix/csp-mode Major mode for editing CSP specification in Emacs

1.2. Gitlab

Package (2) Link
org-attach-embedded-images marcowahl/org-attach-embedded-images
swift-playground-mode michael.sanders/swift-playground-mode

1.3. Git

Package (9) Link
goldendict https://repo.or.cz/goldendict.el.git
ob-sclang https://repo.or.cz/ob-sclang.git
org-link-edit https://git.kyleam.com/org-link-edit/about
piem https://git.kyleam.com/piem/about

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