Epkgs: Kludges

Table of Contents


1 Add provided features

Package (14) Class Feature Reason
ddskk github skk-kanagaki inside directory containing .nosearch
ddskk github skk-tutcode inside directory containing .nosearch
edb orphaned edbcore generated
emacs builtin cus-load generated
emacs builtin leim-list generated
emacspeak github dtk-css-speech inside directory containing .nosearch
eshell builtin esh-groups generated
finder builtin finder-inf generated
fuz github fuz-core provided by module
geo sourcehut geocode-emacs provided by module
liberime github liberime-core provided by module
realgud github bashdb inside directory containing .nosearch
sly github sly-buttons inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-cl-indent inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-common inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-completion inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-messages inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-parse inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-tests inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sqlite3 github sqlite3-api provided by module
tree-sitter github tsc-dyn provided by module
vterm github vterm-module provided by module

2 Drop provided features

Package (5) Class Feature Reason
emacspeak github amixer pending #15
emacspeak github analog pending #15
emacspeak github nm pending #15
emacspeak github sudoku pending #15
emacspeak github tapestry pending #15
emacspeak github tetris pending #15
orgtbl-join github org-insert-dblock pending #1
riece nongnu ptexinfmt fixme
slime github cl-indent part of Emacs
twittering-mode github ssl backward compatibility
twittering-mode github test pending #129

3 Drop required features

Package (84) Class Feature Reason
ac-octave github octave-inf backward compatibility
achievements gitlab command-frequency shelved soft
aozora-view github ivs-aj1 pending #3
auto-complete github semantic-ia backward compatibility
auto-complete-nxml github anything-project anything
bbdb nongnu vm-autoloads generated external file
bts github pophint-config pending #17
centered-window github mac-win Mac-port compatibility #28
citeproc github org-bibtex backward compatibility #7
clj-refactor github seq-25 backward compatibility
color-moccur github moccur-edit shelved soft
color-theme-sanityinc-solarized github color-theme backward compatibility
color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow github color-theme backward compatibility
company github semantic-idle backward compatibility
dic-lookup-w3m orphaned text-translator broken and optional
dictionary github balloon-help XEmacs compatibility
dired+ wiki help+20 backward compatibility
dired+ wiki subr-21 backward compatibility
doremi-cmd wiki color-theme backward compatibility
e2wm-R shelved imgur anything
eaf github org-docview backward compatibility
ebdb gnu-elpa vm-autoloads generated external file
ecb github escreen shelved soft
ecb github semantic-analyze backward compatibility: #24
ecb github semantic-ctxt backward compatibility: #24
ecb github thing XEmacs compatibility
ee gnu bbdb-autoloads generated external file
el-autoyas github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
elisp-benchmarks gnu-elpa comp only when using Emacs' native-comp branch
emms-player-mpv-jp-radios github anything anything
erlang github tags backward compatibility
es-lib github ack-and-a-half removed due to license violations: #3
evil-collection github image+ shelved soft #399
evil-collection github shortdoc forward compatibility (Emacs 28)
extend-dnd github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
folding github mode-motion XEmacs compatibility
fstar-mode github replace replace.el doesn't provide feature in Emacs < 26
help+ wiki info+20 backward compatibility
hyperbole gnu efs XEmacs compatibility
hyperbole gnu id-menubars unreleased, author says will be released eventually
icicles wiki anything anything
icicles wiki color-theme backward compatibility
jabber github un-define XEmacs compatibility
jda github anything anything
jdee github working stand-alone cedet compatibility
lacarte wiki subr-21 backward compatibility
lilypond gnu ilisp only required by a single undocumented command
lispxmp github newxmp pending: newxmp has not been released yet (email)
lispy github mash-python pending #377 (unreleased)
load-theme-buffer-local github color-theme backward compatibility
matlab-mode git matlab-load generated internal file
matlab-mode git semantic-dep backward compatibility
matlab-mode git semantic-format backward compatibility
matlab-mode git semanticdb backward compatibility
menu-bar+ wiki help+20 backward compatibility
menu-bar+ wiki info+20 backward compatibility
mew github mw32script Meadow Emacs compatibility
mew github un-define XEmacs compatibility
mh-e builtin toolbar XEmacs compatibility
mhc github bitmap XEmacs compatibility
mhc github mhc-bm Mule compatibility
mhc github mhc-xmas XEmacs compatibility
mhc github pcustom Mule compatibility
mhc github poe Mule compatibility
molokai-theme github color-theme backward compatibility
navi2ch github bitmap XEmacs compatibility
navi2ch github spamfilter shelved soft
nxhtml orphaned anything anything
nxhtml orphaned emacsw32 examples only
nxhtml orphaned flymake-js not a proper package
nxhtml orphaned fold-dwim shelved soft
nxhtml orphaned typesetter not touched in ten years
nxhtml orphaned w32-regdat Windows compatibility
nxhtml orphaned w32shell Windows compatibility
org git nnselect forward compatibility (Emacs 28)
org git org-remember backward compatibility
org-caldav github org-icalendar backward compatibility
org-readme github org-html backward compatibility: #19
org-redmine github anything anything
org-ref github org-bibtex backward compatibility #649
org-toodledo github org-toodledo-test fixme #6
osa github mac provided by Mitsuharu Yamamoto's Emacs Mac Port ?
ox-latex-subfigure github org-loaddefs generated external file
pinot github anything-config anything
plsense github perl-completion anything
project-explorer github ack-and-a-half removed due to license violations: #47
proof-general github proof-x-symbol only required by a single deprecated library
prosjekt github anything anything
python-mode gitlab py-bug-numbered-tests testing only
python-mode gitlab pymacs it's complicated (email)
r-autoyas github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
rcodetools subtree anything anything
rcodetools subtree anything-show-completion anything
rpm-spec-mode github shindent pending #11
show-marks github fm shelved soft
simple-call-tree github fm shelved soft
snapshot-timemachine-rsnapshot github seq-25 backward compatibility
stickies github anything anything
straight github comp forward compatibility (Emacs 28)
string-utils github obarray-fns shelved soft
tangotango-theme github color-theme backward compatibility
tramp gnu tramp-loaddefs generated internal file
tss github anything anything
twittering-mode github alpaca only required if epa isn't available
twittering-mode github revive false-positive
twittering-mode github un-define XEmacs compatibility
twittering-mode github unicode backward compatibility
ucs-utils github ucs-utils-6.0-delta backward compatibility
vbasense github anything-project anything
vm orphaned atomic-extents XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned highlight-headers XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned timer-funcs XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned vm-autoloads generated internal file
w3 gnu-elpa dtk-voices used to be part of emacspeak, not needed
w3 gnu-elpa w3-site-init leftover noise
w3 gnu-elpa x-font-menu XEmacs compatibility
w3 gnu-elpa xbm-button XEmacs compatibility
w3 gnu-elpa xpm-button XEmacs compatibility
wanderlust github spamfilter shelved soft
yatex hg hilit19 backward compatibility

4 Patched packages

Package (14) Class
apel github
flim github
go github
karma github
lookup github
nav github
nxhtml orphaned
oauth github
projmake-mode github
queue gnu-elpa
semi github
tenv github
vm orphaned
wanderlust github

5 Filtered (minority) repositories

Package (18) Reason M Url
pylint mostly non-elisp git@github.com:PyCQA/pylint.git
thrift mostly non-elisp git@github.com:apache/thrift.git
bibliothek all-in-one repo git@github.com:cadadr/elisp.git
forecast all-in-one repo git@github.com:cadadr/elisp.git
org-variable-pitch all-in-one repo git@github.com:cadadr/elisp.git
paper-theme all-in-one repo git@github.com:cadadr/elisp.git
cfengine-code-style mostly non-elisp git@github.com:cfengine/core.git
cython-mode mostly non-elisp git@github.com:cython/cython.git
google-c-style mostly non-elisp git@github.com:google/styleguide.git
clang-format mostly non-elisp git@github.com:llvm/llvm-project.git
ninja-mode mostly non-elisp git@github.com:ninja-build/ninja.git
nemerle mostly non-elisp git@github.com:rsdn/nemerle.git
diffscuss-mode mostly non-elisp git@github.com:tomheon/diffscuss.git
smart-compile all-in-one repo git@github.com:zenitani/elisp.git
autotest all-in-one repo git@github.com:zenspider/elisp.git
toggle all-in-one repo git@github.com:zenspider/elisp.git
po-mode mostly non-elisp https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gettext.git
cmake-mode mostly non-elisp https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake.git

6 Filtered (subtree) repositories

Package (25) M Url
agda2-mode git@github.com:agda/agda.git
company-go git@github.com:nsf/gocode.git
cubicle-mode git@github.com:cubicle-model-checker/cubicle.git
dune git@github.com:ocaml/dune.git
egison-mode git@github.com:egison/egison.git
fuel git@github.com:factor/factor.git
go-autocomplete git@github.com:nsf/gocode.git
golint git@github.com:golang/lint.git
govc git@github.com:vmware/govmomi.git
gvpr-mode git@github.com:rodw/gvpr-lib.git
kivy-mode git@github.com:kivy/kivy.git
lambdapi-mode git@github.com:Deducteam/lambdapi.git
lfe-mode git@github.com:rvirding/lfe.git
mandoku git@github.com:mandoku/mandoku.git
merlin git@github.com:the-lambda-church/merlin.git
mozart   git@github.com:mozart/mozart2.git
mozc git@github.com:google/mozc.git
password-store https://git.zx2c4.com/password-store
protobuf-mode git@github.com:google/protobuf.git
rcodetools   git@github.com:rcodetools/rcodetools.git
scad-mode git@github.com:openscad/openscad.git
stumpwm-mode git@github.com:stumpwm/stumpwm-contrib.git
utop git@github.com:diml/utop.git
widgetjs git@github.com:foretagsplatsen/emacs-js.git
zeitgeist   https://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/zeitgeist/zeitgeist-datasources

7 Set main library

Package (18) Class M Library Reason
chumpy-windows github   window-jump.el no primary entry point
dired-hacks github   dired-hacks-utils.el no primary entry point
edb orphaned   lisp/database.el no/mismatched main library
emacs-speaks-nonmem github   esn-start.el no/mismatched main library
emux github   emux-base.el no/mismatched main library
html5 github   html5-ncr.el no/mismatched main library
ne2wm github   ne2wm-setup.el no/mismatched main library
ultratex github   lisp/ultex.el no/mismatched main library
ert-runner github ert-runner.el not a library #16
literate-starter-kit github init.el not a package
auctex gnu   tex.el pkg/lib name mismatch
ddskk github skk.el pkg/lib name mismatch
eziam-theme github eziam-dark-theme.el two-variant theme
omtose-phellack-theme github variants/omtose-darker-theme.el two-variant theme
farmhouse-theme github farmhouse-dark-theme.el two-variant theme #3
spacemacs-theme github spacemacs-common.el two-variant theme #63
punpun-theme git punpun-dark-theme.el two-variant theme #7
majapahit-theme gitlab majapahit-dark-theme.el two-variant theme #1

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2021-04-26 Mon 22:11