Epkgs: Kludges

Table of Contents


1. Add provided features

Package (19) Class Feature Reason
edb orphaned edbcore generated
emacs builtin cus-load generated
emacs builtin leim-list generated
eshell builtin esh-groups generated
finder builtin finder-inf generated
ddskk github skk-kanagaki inside directory containing .nosearch
ddskk github skk-tutcode inside directory containing .nosearch
realgud github bashdb inside directory containing .nosearch
sly github sly-buttons inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-cl-indent inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-common inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-completion inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-messages inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-parse inside directory containing .nosearch #85
sly github sly-tests inside directory containing .nosearch #85
fuz github fuz-core provided by module
fzf-native github fzf-native-module provided by module
geo sourcehut geocode-emacs provided by module
hotfuzz github hotfuzz-module provided by module
jirascope github jirascope-dyn provided by module
liberime github liberime-core provided by module
pq github pq-core provided by module
sqlite3 github sqlite3-api provided by module
tree-sitter shelved tsc-dyn provided by module
vterm github vterm-module provided by module
wisitoken-grammar-mode gnu-elpa wisitokengrammar1-process provided by module
xeft sourcehut xapian-lite provided by module

2. Drop provided features

Package (12) Class Feature Reason
rgb gitlab el-mock pending #1
rgb gitlab ert-expectations pending #1
fsharp-mode github integration-tests conflicting test file
emacspeak github light wontfix #73
org gnu org-test conflicting test file
org-gcal github org-test conflicting test file
font-lock-studio github tabulated-list harmless in test file
gumshoe github targets/install-deps conflicting test file
ivy github targets/install-deps conflicting test file
clojure-mode github test-helper conflicting test file
elixir-mode github test-helper conflicting test file
diffscuss-mode subtree test-simple bundled test utility
emacspeak github tetris wontfix #73

3. Drop required features

Package (85) Class Feature Reason
ac-octave github octave-inf backward compatibility
achievements gitlab command-frequency shelved soft
aozora-view github ivs-aj1 pending #3
auto-complete github semantic-ia backward compatibility
auto-complete-nxml github anything-project anything
bbdb nongnu vm-autoloads generated external file
borg github loaddefs-gen forward compatibility
bts github el-expectations deprecated testing framework
bts github pophint-config pending #17
caskxy github el-expectations deprecated testing framework
centered-window github mac-win Mac-port compatibility #28
citeproc github org-bibtex backward compatibility #7
color-moccur github moccur-edit shelved soft
color-theme-sanityinc-solarized github color-theme backward compatibility
company github semantic-idle backward compatibility
company-fuzzy github flex wiki soft
dic-lookup-w3m shelved text-translator broken and optional
dired+ wiki help+20 backward compatibility
dired+ wiki subr-21 backward compatibility
doremi-cmd wiki color-theme backward compatibility
eaf github org-docview backward compatibility
ecb github escreen shelved soft
ecb github semantic-analyze backward compatibility: #24
ecb github semantic-ctxt backward compatibility: #24
ecb github thing XEmacs compatibility
ee gnu bbdb-autoloads generated external file
el-autoyas github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
emms-player-mpv-jp-radios github anything anything
erlang github tags backward compatibility
es-lib github ack-and-a-half removed due to license violations: #3
extend-dnd github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
folding github mode-motion XEmacs compatibility
frontside-javascript github company-lsp pending #7403
fstar-mode github replace replace.el doesn't provide feature in Emacs < 26
gradle sourcehut project-root shelved soft
help+ wiki info+20 backward compatibility
hyperbole gnu efs XEmacs compatibility
hyperbole gnu kotl-autoloads generated external file
icicles wiki anything anything
icicles wiki color-theme backward compatibility
jda github anything anything
jdee github working stand-alone cedet compatibility
lacarte wiki subr-21 backward compatibility
latex-extra github tex-buf backward compatibility
lilypond gnu ilisp only required by a single undocumented command
lispxmp github newxmp pending: newxmp has not been released yet (email)
lispy github mash-python pending #377 (unreleased)
load-theme-buffer-local github color-theme backward compatibility
markchars gnu-elpa idn shelved soft
matlab-mode git semantic-dep backward compatibility
matlab-mode git semantic-format backward compatibility
matlab-mode git semanticdb backward compatibility
menu-bar+ wiki help+20 backward compatibility
menu-bar+ wiki info+20 backward compatibility
mew github mw32script Meadow Emacs compatibility
mew github un-define XEmacs compatibility
mhc github bitmap XEmacs compatibility
mhc github mhc-bm Mule compatibility
mhc github mhc-xmas XEmacs compatibility
mhc github pcustom Mule compatibility
mhc github poe Mule compatibility
mic github feat1 for tests only
mic github feat2 for tests only
mic github feat3 for tests only
mic github feat4 for tests only
molokai-theme github color-theme backward compatibility
mu4e-views github mu4e-utils backward compatibility
mu4e-views github mu4e-view-gnus backward compatibility
mu4e-views github mu4e-view-old backward compatibility
navi2ch github bitmap XEmacs compatibility
navi2ch github spamfilter shelved soft
org gnu nnselect forward compatibility
org gnu org-remember backward compatibility
org-readme github org-html backward compatibility: #19
org-redmine orphaned anything anything
org-ref github org-bibtex backward compatibility #649
org-roam github emacsql-libsqlite3 backward compatibility
org-roam github emacsql-sqlite3 optional legacy backend
org-toodledo github org-toodledo-test fixme #6
osa github mac provided by Mitsuharu Yamamoto's Emacs Mac Port ?
ox-hugo github org-info backward compatibility
ox-latex-subfigure github org-loaddefs generated external file
pinot github anything-config anything
plsense github perl-completion anything
project-explorer github ack-and-a-half removed due to license violations: #47
prosjekt github anything anything
python-mode gitlab org-loaddefs generated external file
python-mode gitlab py-bug-numbered-tests testing only
python-mode gitlab pymacs it's complicated (email)
python-mode gitlab setup-ert-tests testing only
r-autoyas github yasnippet-bundle backward compatibility: #4
rcodetools subtree anything anything
rcodetools subtree anything-show-completion anything
rpm-spec-mode github shindent pending #11
show-marks github fm shelved soft
simple-call-tree github fm shelved soft
snapshot-timemachine-rsnapshot github seq-25 backward compatibility
stickies github anything anything
straight github comp forward compatibility (Emacs 28)
string-utils github obarray-fns shelved soft
tangotango-theme github color-theme backward compatibility
tramp gnu tramp-loaddefs generated internal file
tree-sitter-indent shelved csharp-tree-sitter for tests only
tss github anything anything
tss github moz shelved soft
twittering-mode github alpaca only required if epa isn't available
twittering-mode github revive false-positive
twittering-mode github un-define XEmacs compatibility
twittering-mode github unicode backward compatibility
ucs-utils github ucs-utils-6.0-delta backward compatibility
vbasense github anything-project anything
vm orphaned atomic-extents XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned highlight-headers XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned timer-funcs XEmacs compatibility
vm orphaned vm-autoloads generated internal file
w3 gnu-elpa dtk-css-speech used to be part of emacspeak, not needed
w3 gnu-elpa dtk-voices used to be part of emacspeak, not needed
w3 gnu-elpa w3-site-init leftover noise
w3 gnu-elpa x-font-menu XEmacs compatibility
w3 gnu-elpa xbm-button XEmacs compatibility
w3 gnu-elpa xpm-button XEmacs compatibility
wanderlust github spamfilter shelved soft
xenops github tex-buf backward compatibility
yatex hg hilit19 backward compatibility

4. Patched packages

Package (23) Class Commits
apel github 3
auctex gnu 1
auctex-latexmk github 1
emacspeak github 1
emux github 1
ert-runner github 1
flim github 4
go github 1
icons-in-terminal github 1
karma github 1
lookup github 1
majapahit-themes gitlab 1
monorepo-zenitani github 1
nav github 1
navorski github 1
ne2wm github 1
omtose-phellack-theme github 1
projmake-mode github 1
semi github 2
slime github 1
tenv github 1
twittering-mode github 2
wanderlust github 2

5. Filtered repositories

Package (25) Modified M Url
agda2-mode 2023-10-06   https://github.com/agda/agda
cg 2023-08-16 git@github.com:GrammarSoft/cg3.git
cmake-mode 2023-10-02 https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake
cubicle-mode 2017-10-09 git@github.com:cubicle-model-checker/cubicle.git
diffscuss-mode 2014-10-14 https://github.com/tomheon/diffscuss
dune 2023-04-02 git@github.com:ocaml/dune.git
egison-mode 2020-01-08 git@github.com:egison/egison.git
fuel 2023-08-22 git@github.com:factor/factor.git
golint 2018-02-21 git@github.com:golang/lint.git
govc 2022-12-15 git@github.com:vmware/govmomi.git
gvpr-mode 2018-10-17 git@github.com:rodw/gvpr-lib.git
kivy-mode 2021-03-18 git@github.com:kivy/kivy.git
lambdapi-mode 2023-07-28 git@github.com:Deducteam/lambdapi.git
lfe-mode 2022-08-17 git@github.com:rvirding/lfe.git
mandoku 2018-04-03 git@github.com:mandoku/mandoku.git
merlin 2023-09-19 https://github.com/ocaml/merlin
mozart 2017-11-11   git@github.com:mozart/mozart2.git
mozc 2023-09-01 git@github.com:google/mozc.git
password-store 2023-05-03 https://git.zx2c4.com/password-store
po-mode 2023-10-06 https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gettext
protobuf-mode 2023-05-05 git@github.com:google/protobuf.git
rcodetools 2016-09-15   git@github.com:rcodetools/rcodetools.git
stumpwm-mode 2018-06-29 git@github.com:stumpwm/stumpwm-contrib.git
thrift 2023-07-08 https://github.com/apache/thrift
utop 2023-07-07 git@github.com:diml/utop.git

Other repositories that should be filtered (or better yet, split up by upstream):

6. Set main library

7. Set tracked branch

Package (6) Branch Class Repo
ansible-vault master github zellio/ansible-vault-mode
async-backup development codeberg contrapunctus/async-backup
elpa-admin elpa-admin git  
sxiv dev codeberg contrapunctus/sxiv.el
taxy-magit-section package/taxy-magit-section github alphapapa/taxy.el
zero-input pkg git https://gitlab.emacsos.com/sylecn/zero-el

Created: 2024-06-16 Sun 22:14