Epkgs: Issues

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1 Features provided by multiple packages

Feature (1) Package Shelved
setup projectile-trailblazer  
setup setup  

Reoccuring issues:

2 Packages with unsatisfied dependencies

Package (2) Class Feature Provider
frontside-javascript github company-lsp company-lsp
python-mode gitlab org-loaddefs  

3 Packages whose repositories have been archived

Don't forget to update emir--archived-packages occasionally.

Package (2) Repository M Reverse Dependencies
helm-ls-hg emacs-helm/helm-ls-hg helm
ox-slimhtml balddotcat/ox-slimhtml org-anki
  • [BROKEN LINK: notmuch-tree:thread:000000000000d97b]
  • ox-slimhtml: to be made part of Org

4 Github repositories that were moved or removed

Don't forget to update emir--moved-packages occasionally.

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2021-04-26 Mon 22:11