Epkgs: Issues

Table of Contents


1. Features provided by multiple packages

Feature (5) Package Shelved
derl derl  
derl distel  
oauth2-auto oauth2-auto  
oauth2-auto org-gcal  
plz-event-source llm  
plz-event-source plz-event-source  
plz-media-type llm  
plz-media-type plz-media-type  
test-helper blackjack  
test-helper clojure-ts-mode  

2. Packages with unsatisfied dependencies

Package (4) Class Feature Provider
cnfonts github touch-screen  
flex-compile github slite  
lua-ts-mode sourcehut ert-font-lock  
parinfer-rust-mode github track-changes  

3. Missing library summary

4. Failing updates

Created: 2024-05-19 Sun 22:45