Epkgs: Issues

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1 Features provided by multiple packages

Feature (3) Package Shelved
org-drill org  
org-drill org-drill  
test-helper clojure-mode  
test-helper mocha  
test-support buttercup-junit  
test-support ert-junit  

2 Packages with unsatisfied dependencies

Package (7) Class Feature Provider
bibeltex github org-bibtex  
citeproc github org-bibtex  
leaf github alloc  
leaf github indent  
leaf github leaf-browser  
leaf github leaf-polyfill  
leaf github leaf-sub  
leaf github leaf-subsub  
org-link-minor-mode github org-man  
org-linkany github org-bbdb  
org-mac-protocol github org-bibtex  
org-ref github org-bibtex  

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2019-07-10 Wed 18:01