Epkgs: Orphanage

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1 Upstream has disappeared but there are dependents

The upstream repository or file download for these packages has disappeared.

Or at least it wasn't available for a long time; in some cases the upstream might be available again. I do not check to make sure this is not the case. If you find such a package, then please let me know.

Of course there are many more packages whose upstream has disappeared, then those listed here, many of which can be found on the Emacsattic.

Those unmaintained packages that made it into the orphanage instead of just the attic, did so because other mirrored packages depend on them, and/or because they are available from Melpa (I mirror all packages that are available from there).

Package (10) Mirror Melpa
dedicated orphaned orphaned
ecasound orphaned  
keydef orphaned orphaned
miniedit orphaned orphaned
osd orphaned  
pager orphaned orphaned
pointback orphaned orphaned
smarty-mode orphaned orphaned
tail orphaned  
vala-mode orphaned orphaned

2 Upstream is unresponsive but there are issues

The upstream repositories for these packages still existed (or at least they still existed when the packages were added here), but the packages have issues that have to be fixed and the maintainers did not respond when I contacted them. I have patched these packages here in the orphanage to fix these issues.

  • Multiple packages bundle hyperspec but none of them is the authoritive upstream. Attempts to get the various non-upstreams talking have failed so far.
Package (7) Mirror Melpa
edb orphaned  
elisp-depend orphaned orphaned
hyperspec orphaned  
oberon orphaned orphaned
org-bullets orphaned orphaned
read-char-spec orphaned  
setnu orphaned  

3 Wiki packages needed by non-wiki packages on Melpa

These packages are being distributed on the Emacswiki and other packages that are not distributed on the Emacswiki depend on them. Anyone can edit packages on the Emacswiki, which is a big security risk, so eventually we want to remove those packages from Melpa. Not importing these packages from the wiki anymore is a step into that direction.

Also see Melpa issue #2342.

Package (16) Mirror Melpa
dirtree orphaned orphaned
ert-expectations orphaned orphaned
findr orphaned orphaned
hide-lines orphaned orphaned
http-post-simple orphaned orphaned
key-chord orphaned orphaned
levenshtein orphaned orphaned
linkd orphaned  
shell-command orphaned orphaned
shell-history orphaned orphaned
showtip orphaned orphaned
sr-speedbar orphaned orphaned
transpose-frame orphaned orphaned
tree-mode orphaned orphaned
w32-browser orphaned orphaned
windata orphaned orphaned

4 Imported from non-git/hg repository

The tools used to maintain the Emacsmirror do not support bzr, cvs, darcs, or fossil. So I manually import the upstream repositories into a git repository on the orphanage and then import the resulting git repositories as if that were the actual upstream.

I do not regularly update these repositories. If you find that they are outdated, then please let me know. However many of these package repositories have not seen a commit in a decade.

Package (4) Mirror Melpa
confluence orphaned orphaned
dic-lookup-w3m orphaned orphaned
nxhtml orphaned  
vm orphaned  

5 Imported from tarball

#+BEGINSRC emacs-lisp (emir–list-orphans "manual tarball import") #+ENDSRC tarball

Package (3) Mirror Melpa
picolisp orphaned  
session orphaned orphaned
sml-modeline orphaned orphaned

6 Dropped of by maintainer

Package (13) Mirror Melpa
ansible-doc github orphaned
fancy-battery github orphaned
helm-css-scss github orphaned
helm-swoop github orphaned
magit-stgit github orphaned
magit-svn github orphaned
manage-minor-mode github orphaned
opam github orphaned
osx-trash github orphaned
ov github orphaned
pkg-info github orphaned
readability github orphaned
swoop github orphaned

7 The maintainer is dead

Sadly there is one package where "orphan" has a more literal meaning than what I had in mind when I created the Emacs Orphanage. RIP Fran├žois.

Package (1) Mirror Melpa
org-grep orphaned orphaned

8 New

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2019-09-13 Fri 14:04