Epkgs: Overview

Table of Contents


1. Summary

  Epkg Mirror Attic Emacs GNU Elpa NonGNU Elpa Melpa
builtin 491     498 19    
gnu-elpa 144 144     139    
nongnu-elpa 0 0       0  
github 5469 5469     206 177 4891
gitlab 190 190     19 15 171
sourcehut 107 107     27 4 62
codeberg 108 108     5 31 92
gnu 10 10     9 0 3
nongnu 8 8     3 0 2
git 119 119     13 5 100
hg 15 15     1 0 13
subtree 25 25          
wiki 586 586          
file 54 54          
orphaned 136 136         106
shelved 1557   1557       29
mirror             12
secondary             265
unreleased         6 1  
total 9019 6971 1557 498 447 233 5746
  • Most built-in packages are not mirrored. They are included in the Epkg database, but no individual repositories exist for them on the Emacsmirror.
  • "Core" packages (i.e., those that are also distributed on GNU Elpa for use with older Emacs releases) used to be mirrored but no tool exists that is truely capable of doing that reliably and efficiently, so these repositories ended up never being updated and were removed.
  • Three built-in packages (org, tramp and transient) are mirrored, but in those cases the Emacsmirror tracks the upstream repositories, not the version in Emacs, which explains the apparent discrepancy in the builtin row.
  • The Emacsmirror prefers mirroring packages from the upstream repository, even when they are also available from GNU Elpa. That explaining the apparent discrepancy in the gnu-elpa row.
  • Melpa gets some packages from the Emacsmirror (mirror row), because for one reason or another it is not able to get them directly from upstream.
  • Melpa also gets some packages from the Emacsattic (shelved row), likely because the upstream repository has disappeared. Such packages are "shelved", that is, they are moved from the Emacsmirror to the Emacsattic. Melpa doesn't support demoting packages like this, so here we tend to keep them around longer, treating the attic as the "upstream".
  • When a repository is used to maintain a "main" package as well as one or more "extentions" to that package, then Melpa often distributes these packages individually, while the Emacsmirror does not split up such repositories into multiple packages. Such "secondary packages" are accounted for in the secondary row and listed in the "Shared repository" table below.

2. Emacs

2.1. Prefer elpa

2.2. Prefer upstream

Package (3) Class
org gnu
tramp gnu
transient github

3. GNU Elpa

3.1. New

3.2. Delayed

Package (1) Elpa Reason
track-changes core Later; new in Emacs 30

3.3. Unreleased

3.4. Shelved

3.5. Prefer builtin

Package (24) Elpa Reason
bind-key core  
cl-generic internal backport of builtin
cl-lib internal backport of builtin
csharp-mode github  
eglot core  
eldoc core  
erc core  
external-completion core  
flymake core  
idlwave github  
jsonrpc core  
let-alist core  
map core  
nadvice internal backport of builtin
ntlm core  
project core  
python core  
seq internal backport of builtin
so-long core  
soap-client core  
svg core  
use-package core  
verilog-mode core  
xref core  

4. NonGNU Elpa

4.1. New

4.2. Delayed

4.3. Unreleased

4.4. Shelved

Package (1) Elpa
xah-fly-keys github

5. Melpa

5.1. New

5.2. Delayed

Package (7) Melpa Reason
bind-chord github Don't add; part of legacy repository but not Emacs
connection github Don't add; part of upstream dictionary but not Emacs
django-snippets github Don't add; part of shelved django-mode
link github Don't add; part of upstream dictionary but not Emacs
pcmpl-git github Don't add; lib by same name part of Emacs' pcomplete
use-package-chords github Don't add; part of bind-chord, see above
use-package-ensure-system-package github Don't add; part of Emacs' use-package

5.3. Shelved

Package (59) Url
angular-mode https://github.com/rudolfolah/angularjs-mode
auto-complete-auctex https://github.com/monsanto/auto-complete-auctex
bury-successful-compilation https://github.com/EricCrosson/bury-successful-compilation.git
call-graph https://github.com/beacoder/call-graph
cfml-mode https://github.com/amyers634/cfml-mode
color-theme https://github.com/emacsorphanage/color-theme
company-go https://github.com/nsf/gocode
company-racer https://github.com/emacsorphanage/company-racer
conventional-changelog https://github.com/liuyinz/emacs-conventional-changelog
cybercafe-theme https://github.com/gboncoffee/cybercafe-emacs-theme
dic-lookup-w3m https://github.com/emacsorphanage/dic-lookup-w3m
django-mode https://github.com/unrelentingtech/django-mode
drawille https://github.com/josuah/drawille-el
e2wm-R https://github.com/myuhe/e2wm-R.el
edit-at-point https://github.com/enoson/edit-at-point.el
elein https://github.com/remvee/elein
eno https://github.com/enoson/eno.el
eshell-outline https://git.jamzattack.xyz/eshell-outline
flow-js2-mode https://github.com/Fuco1/flow-js2-mode
flycheck-gometalinter https://github.com/favadi/flycheck-gometalinter.git
flycheck-julia https://github.com/gdkrmr/flycheck-julia
flymake-golangci https://gitlab.com/shackra/flymake-golangci
fold-dwim https://community.dur.ac.uk/p.j.heslin/Software/Emacs/Download/fold-dwim.el
fold-dwim-org https://github.com/mattfidler/fold-dwim-org
go-autocomplete https://github.com/nsf/gocode
gtk-variant https://github.com/bepvte/gtk-variant.el
helm-ctest https://github.com/danlamanna/helm-ctest
ido-migemo https://github.com/myuhe/ido-migemo.el
inlineR https://github.com/myuhe/inlineR.el
journalctl-mode https://github.com/SebastianMeisel/journalctl-mode
lsp-python-ms https://github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-python-ms
magit-gh-pulls https://github.com/sigma/magit-gh-pulls
mic-paren http://www.gnuvola.org/software/j/mic-paren/mic-paren.el
nimbus-theme https://github.com/mrcnski/nimbus-theme
nndiscourse https://github.com/dickmao/nndiscourse
nnhackernews https://github.com/dickmao/nnhackernews
nnreddit https://github.com/dickmao/nnreddit
nntwitter https://github.com/dickmao/nntwitter
number https://github.com/chrisdone/number
org-doing https://github.com/rudolfolah/org-doing
org-multiple-keymap https://github.com/myuhe/org-multiple-keymap.el
org-pivotal https://github.com/org-pivotal/org-pivotal
org-recur https://github.com/mrcnski/org-recur
org-wunderlist https://github.com/myuhe/org-wunderlist.el
ox-impress-js https://github.com/takumikinjo/org-impress-js.el
paradox https://github.com/Malabarba/paradox.git
peep-dired https://github.com/asok/peep-dired
protobuf-ts-mode https://git.ookami.one/cgit/protobuf-ts-mode
quick-preview https://github.com/myuhe/quick-preview.el
redprl https://github.com/RedPRL/sml-redprl
redshank http://www.foldr.org/~michaelw/projects/redshank.git
session https://github.com/emacsorphanage/session
sml-modeline https://github.com/emacsorphanage/sml-modeline
tbx2org https://github.com/istib/tbx2org
twtxt https://github.com/deadblackclover/twtxt-el
unkillable-scratch https://github.com/EricCrosson/unkillable-scratch.git
use-package-el-get https://github.com/edvorg/use-package-el-get
weechat https://github.com/the-kenny/weechat.el
weechat-alert https://github.com/Kungi/weechat-alert

5.4. Shared repositories

Primary package (147) Secondary package Class
750words ox-750words github
ac-php ac-php-core github
ac-php company-php github
agda2-mode annotation subtree
agda2-mode eri subtree
ameba flycheck-ameba github
axiom-environment company-axiom git
axiom-environment ob-axiom git
biblio biblio-core github
bibtex-completion helm-bibtex github
bibtex-completion ivy-bibtex github
boa-ide boa-mode github
bufler helm-bufler github
button-lock wiki-nav github
calfw calfw-cal github
calfw calfw-howm github
calfw calfw-ical github
calfw calfw-org github
cardano-tx bech32 github
cardano-tx cardano-wallet github
cardano-tx cbor github
cardano-tx ouroboros github
cardano-tx readable-numbers github
cfn-mode flycheck-cfn gitlab
chatgpt-shell dall-e-shell github
chatgpt-shell ob-chatgpt-shell github
chatgpt-shell ob-dall-e-shell github
chatgpt-shell shell-maker github
chronometrist chronometrist-key-values codeberg
chronometrist chronometrist-spark codeberg
circe tracking github
citar citar-embark github
clojure-essential-ref clojure-essential-ref-nov github
clojure-mode clojure-mode-extra-font-locking github
codesearch projectile-codesearch github
colorless-themes lavenderless-theme sourcehut
colorless-themes nordless-theme sourcehut
compile-multi compile-multi-all-the-icons github
compile-multi compile-multi-embark github
compile-multi consult-compile-multi github
consult-eglot consult-eglot-embark github
copyit copyit-pandoc github
crystal-mode flycheck-crystal github
ctl-mode gs-mode github
dash dash-functional github
datetime-format timecop github
ddskk ccc github
ddskk cdb github
deferred concurrent github
dired-hacks dired-avfs github
dired-hacks dired-collapse github
dired-hacks dired-filter github
dired-hacks dired-hacks-utils github
dired-hacks dired-list github
dired-hacks dired-narrow github
dired-hacks dired-open github
dired-hacks dired-rainbow github
dired-hacks dired-ranger github
dired-hacks dired-subtree github
dired-rsync dired-rsync-transient github
distel-completion-lib auto-complete-distel github
distel-completion-lib company-distel github
dix dix-evil github
dogears helm-dogears github
dylan dime github
eclim ac-emacs-eclim github
eclim company-emacs-eclim github
el-secretario el-secretario-elfeed sourcehut
el-secretario el-secretario-mu4e sourcehut
el-secretario el-secretario-notmuch sourcehut
el-secretario el-secretario-org sourcehut
elfeed elfeed-web github
elfeed-tube elfeed-tube-mpv github
emacsql emacsql-mysql github
emacsql emacsql-pg github
emacsql emacsql-psql github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite-builtin github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite-module github
embark avy-embark-collect github
embark embark-consult github
espotify consult-spotify codeberg
espotify ivy-spotify codeberg
esqlite esqlite-helm github
evil evil-test-helpers github
ewal ewal-doom-themes github
ewal ewal-evil-cursors github
ewal ewal-spacemacs-themes github
flutter flutter-l10n-flycheck github
flx flx-ido github
flycheck-aspell flymake-aspell github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-avy-menu github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-helm github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-ivy github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-popup github
friendly-shell friendly-remote-shell github
friendly-shell friendly-shell-command github
frimacs ob-fricas github
fsharp-mode eglot-fsharp github
fuz helm-fuz github
git-emacs git-blamed github
gitlab helm-gitlab github
gitlab ivy-gitlab github
go-mode go-guru github
go-mode go-rename github
groovy-mode grails-mode github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-base github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-text github
helm helm-core github
historian ivy-historian github
hydra lv github
indent-lint flycheck-indent github
islisp-mode inferior-islisp gitlab
ivy counsel github
ivy ivy-avy github
ivy ivy-hydra github
ivy swiper github
jade-mode stylus-mode github
jade-mode sws-mode github
jedi jedi-core github
jump inflections github
kaesar kaesar-file github
kaesar kaesar-mode github
kaesar kaesar-pbkdf2 github
kaleidoscope kaleidoscope-evil-state-flash git
keg flycheck-keg github
keg keg-mode github
kubel kubel-evil github
kubernetes kubernetes-evil github
langtool langtool-popup github
lean-mode company-lean github
lean-mode helm-lean github
load-theme-buffer-local color-theme-buffer-local github
loopy loopy-dash github
lurk-mode ob-lurk github
mac-pseudo-daemon osx-pseudo-daemon github
magit git-commit github
magit magit-section github
major-mode-hydra pretty-hydra github
maxima company-maxima gitlab
media-progress media-progress-dired github
media-progress media-progress-dirvish github
merlin merlin-ac subtree
merlin merlin-company subtree
merlin merlin-iedit subtree
metal-archives metal-archives-shopping-list github
monorepo-cadadr bibliothek github
monorepo-cadadr forecast github
monorepo-cadadr org-variable-pitch github
monorepo-cadadr paper-theme github
monorepo-zenitani smart-compile github
musicbrainz listenbrainz github
nameframe nameframe-perspective github
nameframe nameframe-project github
nameframe nameframe-projectile github
nand2tetris company-nand2tetris github
nand2tetris nand2tetris-assembler github
native-complete company-native-complete github
nixos-options company-nixos-options github
nixos-options helm-nixos-options github
nixos-options nix-sandbox github
opener evil-opener github
org-agenda-files-track org-agenda-files-track-ql sourcehut
org-cite-overlay org-cite-overlay-sidecar sourcehut
org-multi-wiki helm-org-multi-wiki github
org-pdftools org-noter-pdftools github
org-project-capture org-category-capture github
org-project-capture org-projectile github
org-project-capture org-projectile-helm github
org-ql helm-org-ql github
org-recent-headings helm-org-recent-headings github
org-roam-ql org-roam-ql-ql github
org-starter org-starter-swiper github
org2blog metaweblog github
ox-twiki ox-tiddly github
package-lint package-lint-flymake github
pest-mode flycheck-pest github
pest-mode flymake-pest github
phpactor company-phpactor github
phpstan flycheck-phpstan github
phpstan flymake-phpstan github
pig-mode pig-snippets github
pollen-mode company-pollen github
prescient company-prescient github
prescient corfu-prescient github
prescient ivy-prescient github
prescient selectrum-prescient github
prescient vertico-prescient github
processing-mode processing-snippets github
projection projection-dape github
projection projection-multi github
projection projection-multi-embark github
prosjekt dirtree-prosjekt github
prosjekt helm-prosjekt github
psalm flycheck-psalm github
request request-deferred github
restclient restclient-helm github
restclient restclient-jq github
rinari ruby-compilation github
ripgrep projectile-ripgrep github
rtags ac-rtags github
rtags company-rtags github
rtags flycheck-rtags github
rtags helm-rtags github
rtags ivy-rtags github
rtags rtags-xref github
semaphore semaphore-promise github
sift projectile-sift github
smart-mode-line smart-mode-line-powerline-theme github
solidity-mode company-solidity github
solidity-mode solidity-flycheck github
sourcekit company-sourcekit github
speechd speechd-el github
springboard ido-springboard github
stan-mode company-stan github
stan-mode eldoc-stan github
stan-mode flycheck-stan github
stan-mode stan-snippets github
term-manager term-project github
term-manager term-projectile github
tern tern-auto-complete github
tmsu ol-tmsu github
totp-auth base32 gitlab
transient-extras transient-extras-a2ps github
transient-extras transient-extras-lp github
tree-edit evil-tree-edit github
tree-sitter tsc github
treemacs treemacs-all-the-icons github
treemacs treemacs-evil github
treemacs treemacs-icons-dired github
treemacs treemacs-magit github
treemacs treemacs-persp github
treemacs treemacs-perspective github
treemacs treemacs-projectile github
treemacs treemacs-tab-bar github
universal-sidecar ebdb-mua-sidecar sourcehut
universal-sidecar ebib-sidecar sourcehut
universal-sidecar universal-sidecar-citeproc sourcehut
universal-sidecar universal-sidecar-elfeed-related sourcehut
universal-sidecar universal-sidecar-elfeed-score sourcehut
universal-sidecar universal-sidecar-roam sourcehut
universal-sidecar wordcount-section sourcehut
vdm-mode flycheck-vdm github
vdm-mode vdm-comint github
vdm-mode vdm-snippets github
w3m shimbun github
wgrep wgrep-ack github
wgrep wgrep-ag github
wgrep wgrep-deadgrep github
wgrep wgrep-helm github
wgrep wgrep-pt github
wildcharm-theme wildcharm-light-theme github
window-jump spaces github
window-jump splitter github
xwwp xwwp-follow-link-helm github
xwwp xwwp-follow-link-ivy github
ycm company-ycm github
ycmd company-ycmd github
ycmd flycheck-ycmd github
zetteldesk zetteldesk-info github
zetteldesk zetteldesk-kb github
zetteldesk zetteldesk-ref github
zetteldesk zetteldesk-remark github
zk zk-desktop github
zk zk-index github

5.5. Diverging repositories

5.6. Diverging branches

Package (4) Used Forced Melpa Class Fetcher Repo
elnode master   melpa github github jcaw/elnode
prettier master   release github github jscheid/prettier.el
tree-sitter master   release github github emacs-tree-sitter/elisp-tree-sitter
tree-sitter-langs master   release github github emacs-tree-sitter/tree-sitter-langs

5.8. From Emacsattic

Package (29) Url
angular-mode https://github.com/emacsattic/angular-mode
auto-complete-auctex https://github.com/emacsattic/auto-complete-auctex
call-graph https://github.com/emacsattic/call-graph
color-theme https://github.com/emacsattic/color-theme
company-go https://github.com/emacsattic/company-go
company-racer https://github.com/emacsattic/company-racer
dic-lookup-w3m https://github.com/emacsattic/dic-lookup-w3m
drawille https://github.com/emacsattic/drawille
e2wm-R https://github.com/emacsattic/e2wm-R
edit-at-point https://github.com/emacsattic/edit-at-point
eno https://github.com/emacsattic/eno
eshell-outline https://github.com/emacsattic/eshell-outline
flymake-golangci https://github.com/emacsattic/flymake-golangci
fold-dwim https://github.com/emacsattic/fold-dwim
go-autocomplete https://github.com/emacsattic/go-autocomplete
ido-migemo https://github.com/emacsattic/ido-migemo
inlineR https://github.com/emacsattic/inlineR
mic-paren https://github.com/emacsattic/mic-paren
number https://github.com/emacsattic/number
org-doing https://github.com/emacsattic/org-doing
org-multiple-keymap https://github.com/emacsattic/org-multiple-keymap
org-wunderlist https://github.com/emacsattic/org-wunderlist
ox-impress-js https://github.com/emacsattic/org-impress-js
protobuf-ts-mode https://github.com/emacsattic/protobuf-ts-mode
quick-preview https://github.com/emacsattic/quick-preview
redshank https://github.com/emacsattic/redshank
session https://github.com/emacsattic/session
sml-modeline https://github.com/emacsattic/sml-modeline
tbx2org https://github.com/emacsattic/tbx2org

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