Table of Contents


1 Summary

  Epkg Mirror Attic Emacs Gelpa Melpa
builtin 456     458 6  
elpa 106 106     159  
elpa-branch 8 8     14  
github 3888 3888       3507
gitlab 39 39       31
git 53 53       39
subtree 23 23        
bitbucket 45 45       40
hg 1 1       1
wiki 678 678       153
file 258 258        
minority 20 20        
orphaned 56 56        
shelved 1080   1080      
total 6711 5175 1080 458 179 3771

2 Emacs

2.1 Prefer elpa

Package (1) Class
ada-mode elpa

2.2 Prefer upstream

Package (1) Class
org git

3 Gelpa

3.1 New

3.2 Pending

3.3 Unreleased

Package (4) Gelpa
package-fixes subtree
shell-quasiquote subtree
sm-c-mode subtree
systemd subtree

3.4 Prefer builtin

Package (10) Gelpa Reason
cl-generic subtree Elpa has backport of builtin
cl-lib subtree Elpa has backport of builtin
cl-print builtin Elpa has copy of builtin
let-alist builtin Elpa has copy of builtin
ntlm builtin Elpa has copy of builtin
pinentry subtree Elpa imports outdated upstream
python builtin Elpa has copy of builtin
seq subtree Elpa has backport of builtin
soap-client builtin Elpa has copy of builtin
svg subtree Elpa imports outdated upstream

3.5 Prefer upstream

Package (59) Class Gelpa Link
ace-window github subtree abo-abo/ace-window
ack github subtree leoliu/ack-el
aggressive-indent github subtree Malabarba/aggressive-indent-mode
ahungry-theme github subtree ahungry/color-theme-ahungry
async github subtree jwiegley/emacs-async
avy github subtree abo-abo/avy
beacon github subtree Malabarba/beacon
bug-hunter github subtree Malabarba/elisp-bug-hunter
coffee-mode github subtree defunkt/coffee-mode
company github subtree company-mode/company-mode
company-math github subtree vspinu/company-math
company-statistics github subtree company-mode/company-statistics
dash github external magnars/dash.el
dbus-codegen github subtree ueno/dbus-codegen-el
delight git subtree
diff-hl github subtree dgutov/diff-hl
diffview github subtree mgalgs/diffview-mode
dts-mode github subtree bgamari/dts-mode
easy-kill github subtree leoliu/easy-kill
eldoc-eval github subtree thierryvolpiatto/eldoc-eval
electric-spacing github subtree xwl/electric-spacing
ergoemacs-mode github external ergoemacs/ergoemacs-mode
exwm github external ch11ng/exwm
ggtags github subtree leoliu/ggtags
gnorb github subtree girzel/gnorb
highlight-escape-sequences github subtree dgutov/highlight-escape-sequences
hydra github subtree abo-abo/hydra
hyperbole git external
ioccur github subtree thierryvolpiatto/ioccur
ivy github subtree abo-abo/swiper
js2-mode github subtree mooz/js2-mode
json-mode github subtree joshwnj/json-mode
load-relative github subtree rocky/emacs-load-relative
loc-changes github subtree rocky/emacs-loc-changes
loccur github subtree fourier/loccur
math-symbol-lists github subtree vspinu/math-symbol-lists
nameless github subtree Malabarba/Nameless
names github subtree Malabarba/names
on-screen github subtree michael-heerdegen/on-screen.el
org git builtin
pabbrev github external phillord/pabbrev
parsec github subtree cute-jumper/parsec.el
realgud github subtree rocky/emacs-dbgr
rich-minority github subtree Malabarba/rich-minority
sotlisp github subtree Malabarba/speed-of-thought-lisp
spinner github subtree Malabarba/spinner.el
systemd github subtree holomorph/systemd-mode
test-simple github subtree rocky/emacs-test-simple
tiny github subtree abo-abo/tiny
undo-tree git subtree
vdiff github subtree justbur/emacs-vdiff
vlf github subtree m00natic/vlfi
wcheck-mode github subtree tlikonen/wcheck-mode
web-server github subtree eschulte/emacs-web-server
websocket github subtree ahyatt/emacs-websocket
which-key github subtree justbur/emacs-which-key
xelb github external ch11ng/xelb
yasnippet github subtree joaotavora/yasnippet
ztree github subtree fourier/ztree

4 Melpa

4.1 New

4.2 Pending

4.3 Shared repositories

Primary package (79) Secondary package Class
ac-php ac-php-core github
ac-php company-php github
axiom-environment company-axiom bitbucket
axiom-environment ob-axiom bitbucket
biblio biblio-core github
button-lock wiki-nav github
calfw calfw-cal github
calfw calfw-howm github
calfw calfw-ical github
calfw calfw-org github
cfml-mode cftag-mode github
chumpy-windows spaces github
chumpy-windows splitter github
chumpy-windows window-jump github
circe tracking github
clojure-mode clojure-mode-extra-font-locking github
codesearch projectile-codesearch github
copyit copyit-pandoc github
ctl-mode gs-mode github
dash dash-functional github
datetime-format timecop github
ddskk ccc github
ddskk cdb github
deferred concurrent github
dictionary connection github
dictionary link github
dired-hacks dired-avfs github
dired-hacks dired-collapse github
dired-hacks dired-filter github
dired-hacks dired-hacks-utils github
dired-hacks dired-narrow github
dired-hacks dired-open github
dired-hacks dired-rainbow github
dired-hacks dired-ranger github
dired-hacks dired-subtree github
distel-completion-lib auto-complete-distel github
distel-completion-lib company-distel github
dix dix-evil github
django-mode django-snippets github
eclim ac-emacs-eclim github
eclim company-emacs-eclim github
elfeed elfeed-web github
emacsql emacsql-mysql github
emacsql emacsql-psql github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite github
esqlite esqlite-helm github
evil evil-test-helpers github
flx flx-ido github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-helm github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-ivy github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-popup github
git-emacs git-blamed github
git-modes gitattributes-mode github
git-modes gitconfig-mode github
git-modes gitignore-mode github
gitlab helm-gitlab github
gitlab ivy-gitlab github
go-mode go-guru github
go-mode go-rename github
groovy-mode grails-mode github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-base github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-text github
helm helm-core github
helm-bibtex ivy-bibtex github
historian ivy-historian github
ido-completing-read+ ido-ubiquitous github
ivy counsel github
ivy ivy-hydra github
ivy swiper github
jade-mode stylus-mode github
jade-mode sws-mode github
jedi jedi-core github
jump inflections github
kaesar kaesar-file github
kaesar kaesar-mode github
kaleidoscope kaleidoscope-evil-state-flash github
kubernetes kubernetes-evil github
lean-mode company-lean github
lean-mode helm-lean github
load-theme-buffer-local color-theme-buffer-local github
mac-pseudo-daemon osx-pseudo-daemon github
magit git-commit github
magit magit-popup github
nameframe nameframe-perspective github
nameframe nameframe-projectile github
nand2tetris company-nand2tetris github
nand2tetris nand2tetris-assembler github
nixos-options company-nixos-options github
nixos-options helm-nixos-options github
nixos-options nix-sandbox github
opener evil-opener github
org-projectile org-category-capture github
org-projectile org-projectile-helm github
ox-twiki ox-tiddly github
pig-mode pig-snippets github
pollen-mode company-pollen github
processing-mode processing-snippets github
prosjekt anything-prosjekt github
prosjekt dirtree-prosjekt github
prosjekt helm-prosjekt github
request request-deferred github
restclient restclient-helm github
rinari ruby-compilation github
ripgrep projectile-ripgrep github
rtags ac-rtags github
rtags company-rtags github
rtags flycheck-rtags github
rtags helm-rtags github
rtags ivy-rtags github
sift projectile-sift github
smart-mode-line smart-mode-line-powerline-theme github
sourcekit company-sourcekit github
speechd speechd-el git
springboard ido-springboard github
stan-mode stan-snippets github
term-manager term-projectile github
tern tern-auto-complete github
treemacs treemacs-evil github
treemacs treemacs-projectile github
use-package bind-key github
use-package-chords bind-chord github
w3m shimbun orphaned
wgrep wgrep-ack github
wgrep wgrep-ag github
wgrep wgrep-helm github
wgrep wgrep-pt github
ycm company-ycm github
ycmd company-ycmd github
ycmd flycheck-ycmd github

4.4 Diverging repositories

4.5 Diverging types

Package (25) Class Melpa Reason
autotest minority github all-in-one repo #5
cfengine-code-style minority github mostly non-elisp
cmake-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
cursor-in-brackets shelved github upstream gone melpa#4622
cython-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
diffscuss-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
dummy-h-mode shelved github upstream gone melpa#4622
forecast minority github all-in-one repo melpa#5018
google-c-style minority github mostly non-elisp
gregorio-mode shelved github upstream gone melpa#4622
judge-indent shelved github upstream gone melpa#4622
less-css-mode builtin github Emacs 26.0.90 has newer
llvm-mode shelved git mostly non-elisp
mwe-log-commands shelved github upstream gone melpa#4622
nemerle minority github mostly non-elisp
ninja-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
org-password-manager shelved git upstream gone melpa#4622
outline-magic shelved github TODO remove from melpa
paper-theme minority github all-in-one repo melpa#5018
po-mode minority git mostly non-elisp
pylint minority github mostly non-elisp
smart-compile minority github all-in-one repo
thrift minority github mostly non-elisp
toggle minority github all-in-one repo #5
wisp-mode minority bitbucket mostly non-elisp

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2017-11-02 Thu 09:07