Epkgs: Overview

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1 Summary

  Epkg Mirror Attic Emacs Gelpa Melpa
builtin 456 11   457 11  
elpa 123 123     171  
elpa-branch 15 15     58  
github 4570 4570       4237
gitlab 114 114       114
git 79 79       70
subtree 22 22        
bitbucket 17 17       18
hg 7 7       7
wiki 611 611        
file 63 63        
minority 26 26        
orphaned 63 63        
shelved 1270   1270      
total 7436 5721 1270 457 240 4446

2 Emacs

2.1 Prefer elpa

Package (10) Class
ada-mode elpa
cl-print elpa-core
flymake elpa-core
let-alist elpa-core
map elpa-core
ntlm elpa-core
python elpa-core
soap-client elpa-core
svg elpa-core
verilog-mode elpa-core

2.2 Prefer upstream

Package (2) Class
org git
tramp git

3 Gelpa

3.1 New

3.2 Pending

Package (2) Gelpa Reason
ada-ref-man subtree no license, no elisp, no response
nadvice subtree backport

3.3 Unreleased

Package (5) Gelpa
package-fixes subtree
shell-quasiquote subtree
sm-c-mode subtree
systemd subtree
vcard subtree

3.4 Prefer builtin

Package (3) Gelpa Reason
cl-generic subtree backport of builtin
cl-lib subtree backport of builtin
seq subtree backport of builtin

3.5 Prefer upstream

Package (95) Class Gelpa Link
ace-window github subtree abo-abo/ace-window
ack github subtree leoliu/ack-el
aggressive-indent github subtree Malabarba/aggressive-indent-mode
ahungry-theme github subtree ahungry/color-theme-ahungry
async github external jwiegley/emacs-async
auctex git external  
avy github subtree abo-abo/avy
bbdb git external http://bbdb.sourceforge.net
beacon github subtree Malabarba/beacon
bnf-mode github external sergeyklay/bnf-mode
buffer-expose github external clemera/buffer-expose
bug-hunter github subtree Malabarba/elisp-bug-hunter
coffee-mode github subtree defunkt/coffee-mode
company github subtree company-mode/company-mode
company-math github subtree vspinu/company-math
company-statistics github subtree company-mode/company-statistics
dash github external magnars/dash.el
dbus-codegen github subtree ueno/dbus-codegen-el
delight git subtree https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/delight
diff-hl github subtree dgutov/diff-hl
diffview github subtree mgalgs/diffview-mode
dired-git-info github external clemera/dired-git-info
disk-usage gitlab external ambrevar/emacs-disk-usage
dts-mode github subtree bgamari/dts-mode
easy-kill github subtree leoliu/easy-kill
eev github external edrx/eev
eglot github external joaotavora/eglot
eldoc-eval github subtree thierryvolpiatto/eldoc-eval
electric-spacing github subtree xwl/electric-spacing
ergoemacs-mode github external ergoemacs/ergoemacs-mode
expand-region github external magnars/expand-region.el
exwm github external ch11ng/exwm
fountain-mode github external rnkn/fountain-mode
frog-menu github external clemera/frog-menu
ggtags github subtree leoliu/ggtags
gnorb github subtree girzel/gnorb
gpastel github external DamienCassou/gpastel
greader gitlab external michelangelo-rodriguez/greader
guess-language github external tmalsburg/guess-language.el
highlight-escape-sequences github subtree dgutov/highlight-escape-sequences
hydra github subtree abo-abo/hydra
hyperbole git external http://www.gnu.org/software/hyperbole
ioccur github subtree thierryvolpiatto/ioccur
ivy github subtree abo-abo/swiper
ivy-explorer github external clemera/ivy-explorer
js2-mode github subtree mooz/js2-mode
json-mode github subtree joshwnj/json-mode
load-relative github subtree rocky/emacs-load-relative
loc-changes github subtree rocky/emacs-loc-changes
loccur github subtree fourier/loccur
math-symbol-lists github subtree vspinu/math-symbol-lists
mmm-mode github external purcell/mmm-mode
nameless github subtree Malabarba/Nameless
names github subtree Malabarba/names
objed github external clemera/objed
olivetti github external rnkn/olivetti
on-screen github subtree michael-heerdegen/on-screen.el
org git core https://orgmode.org
pabbrev github external phillord/pabbrev
parsec github subtree cute-jumper/parsec.el
peg github external ellerh/peg.el
pinentry github subtree ueno/pinentry-el
posframe github external tumashu/posframe
realgud github external realgud/realgud
realgud-ipdb github external realgud/realgud-ipdb
realgud-jdb github external realgud/realgud-jdb
realgud-lldb github external realgud/realgud-lldb
realgud-node-debug github external realgud/realgud-node-debug
realgud-node-inspect github external realgud/realgud-node-inspect
realgud-trepan-ni github external realgud/realgud-trepan-ni
relint github external mattiase/relint
rich-minority github subtree Malabarba/rich-minority
smalltalk-mode git external  
sotlisp github subtree Malabarba/speed-of-thought-lisp
spinner github subtree Malabarba/spinner.el
sql-indent github external bsvingen/sql-indent
ssh-deploy github external cjohansson/emacs-ssh-deploy
system-packages gitlab external jabranham/system-packages
systemd github subtree holomorph/systemd-mode
test-simple github subtree rocky/emacs-test-simple
tiny github subtree abo-abo/tiny
tramp git external https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/tramp
undo-tree orphaned subtree emacsorphanage/undo-tree
vdiff github subtree justbur/emacs-vdiff
vlf github subtree m00natic/vlfi
wcheck-mode github subtree tlikonen/wcheck-mode
web-server github subtree eschulte/emacs-web-server
webfeeder gitlab external ambrevar/emacs-webfeeder
websocket github subtree ahyatt/emacs-websocket
which-key github subtree justbur/emacs-which-key
windower gitlab external ambrevar/emacs-windower
xelb github external ch11ng/xelb
xr github external mattiase/xr
yasnippet github subtree joaotavora/yasnippet
ztree github subtree fourier/ztree

4 Melpa

4.1 New

4.2 Pending

4.3 Shared repositories

Primary package (96) Secondary package Class
ac-php ac-php-core github
ac-php company-php github
ameba flycheck-ameba github
axiom-environment company-axiom git
axiom-environment ob-axiom git
biblio biblio-core github
button-lock wiki-nav github
calfw calfw-cal github
calfw calfw-howm github
calfw calfw-ical github
calfw calfw-org github
chumpy-windows spaces github
chumpy-windows splitter github
chumpy-windows window-jump github
circe tracking github
clojure-mode clojure-mode-extra-font-locking github
codesearch projectile-codesearch github
colorless-themes lavenderless-theme git
colorless-themes nordless-theme git
copyit copyit-pandoc github
crystal-mode flycheck-crystal github
ctl-mode gs-mode github
dash dash-functional github
datetime-format timecop github
ddskk ccc github
ddskk cdb github
deferred concurrent github
dictionary connection github
dictionary link github
dired-hacks dired-avfs github
dired-hacks dired-collapse github
dired-hacks dired-filter github
dired-hacks dired-hacks-utils github
dired-hacks dired-narrow github
dired-hacks dired-open github
dired-hacks dired-rainbow github
dired-hacks dired-ranger github
dired-hacks dired-subtree github
distel-completion-lib auto-complete-distel github
distel-completion-lib company-distel github
dix dix-evil github
django-mode django-snippets github
eclim ac-emacs-eclim github
eclim company-emacs-eclim github
elfeed elfeed-web github
emacsql emacsql-mysql github
emacsql emacsql-psql github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite github
esqlite esqlite-helm github
evil evil-test-helpers github
ewal ewal-doom-themes gitlab
ewal ewal-evil-cursors gitlab
ewal ewal-spacemacs-themes gitlab
flutter flutter-l10n-flycheck github
flx flx-ido github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-avy-menu github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-helm github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-ivy github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-popup github
fuz helm-fuz github
git-emacs git-blamed github
git-modes gitattributes-mode github
git-modes gitconfig-mode github
git-modes gitignore-mode github
gitlab helm-gitlab github
gitlab ivy-gitlab github
go-mode go-guru github
go-mode go-rename github
groovy-mode grails-mode github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-base github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-text github
helm helm-core github
helm-bibtex ivy-bibtex github
historian ivy-historian github
hydra lv github
indent-lint flycheck-indent github
ivy counsel github
ivy ivy-hydra github
ivy swiper github
jade-mode stylus-mode github
jade-mode sws-mode github
jedi jedi-core github
jump inflections github
kaesar kaesar-file github
kaesar kaesar-mode github
kaleidoscope kaleidoscope-evil-state-flash github
kubel kubel-evil github
kubernetes kubernetes-evil github
lean-mode company-lean github
lean-mode helm-lean github
load-theme-buffer-local color-theme-buffer-local github
mac-pseudo-daemon osx-pseudo-daemon github
magit git-commit github
magit magit-libgit github
magit magit-section github
major-mode-hydra pretty-hydra github
modus-themes modus-operandi-theme gitlab
modus-themes modus-vivendi-theme gitlab
nameframe nameframe-perspective github
nameframe nameframe-projectile github
nand2tetris company-nand2tetris github
nand2tetris nand2tetris-assembler github
nixos-options company-nixos-options github
nixos-options helm-nixos-options github
nixos-options nix-sandbox github
opener evil-opener github
org-projectile org-category-capture github
org-projectile org-projectile-helm github
org-starter org-starter-swiper github
org2blog metaweblog github
ox-twiki ox-tiddly github
package-lint package-lint-flymake github
phpactor company-phpactor github
phpstan flycheck-phpstan github
pig-mode pig-snippets github
pollen-mode company-pollen github
prescient company-prescient github
prescient ivy-prescient github
processing-mode processing-snippets github
prosjekt dirtree-prosjekt github
prosjekt helm-prosjekt github
request request-deferred github
restclient restclient-helm github
rinari ruby-compilation github
ripgrep projectile-ripgrep github
rtags ac-rtags github
rtags company-rtags github
rtags flycheck-rtags github
rtags helm-rtags github
rtags ivy-rtags github
rtags rtags-xref github
semaphore semaphore-promise github
sift projectile-sift github
smart-mode-line smart-mode-line-powerline-theme github
solidity-mode company-solidity github
solidity-mode solidity-flycheck github
sourcekit company-sourcekit github
speechd speechd-el github
springboard ido-springboard github
stan-mode company-stan github
stan-mode eldoc-stan github
stan-mode flycheck-stan github
stan-mode stan-snippets github
term-manager term-projectile github
tern tern-auto-complete github
treemacs treemacs-evil github
treemacs treemacs-icons-dired github
treemacs treemacs-magit github
treemacs treemacs-persp github
treemacs treemacs-projectile github
use-package bind-chord github
use-package bind-key github
use-package use-package-chords github
use-package use-package-ensure-system-package github
vdm-mode flycheck-vdm github
vdm-mode vdm-comint github
vdm-mode vdm-snippets github
w3m shimbun github
wgrep wgrep-ack github
wgrep wgrep-ag github
wgrep wgrep-helm github
wgrep wgrep-pt github
ycm company-ycm github
ycmd company-ycmd github
ycmd flycheck-ycmd github

4.4 Diverging repositories

4.5 Diverging types

Package (43) Class Melpa Reason
autotest minority github all-in-one repo
bibliothek minority github all-in-one repo
forecast minority github all-in-one repo
org-variable-pitch minority github all-in-one repo
paper-theme minority github all-in-one repo
smart-compile minority github all-in-one repo
toggle minority github all-in-one repo
cfengine-code-style minority github mostly non-elisp
clang-format minority github mostly non-elisp
cmake-mode minority git mostly non-elisp
cython-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
diffscuss-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
google-c-style minority github mostly non-elisp
nemerle minority github mostly non-elisp
ninja-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
po-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
pylint minority github mostly non-elisp
thrift minority github mostly non-elisp
wisp-mode minority bitbucket mostly non-elisp
cg file MIRROR non-git/hg
darcsum file MIRROR non-git/hg
dsvn file MIRROR non-git/hg
edit-list file MIRROR non-git/hg
helm-ls-svn file MIRROR non-git/hg
quack file MIRROR non-git/hg
tex-smart-umlauts file MIRROR non-git/hg
highlight wiki MIRROR non-git/hg
color-theme shelved ATTIC obsolete
drawille shelved ATTIC obsolete
e2wm-R shelved ATTIC obsolete
edit-at-point shelved ATTIC obsolete
eno shelved ATTIC obsolete
fold-dwim shelved ATTIC obsolete
ido-migemo shelved ATTIC obsolete
inlineR shelved ATTIC obsolete
mic-paren shelved ATTIC obsolete
org-multiple-keymap shelved ATTIC obsolete
org-wunderlist shelved ATTIC obsolete
quick-preview shelved ATTIC obsolete
redshank shelved ATTIC obsolete
fold-dwim-org shelved github obsolete dependency
auth-source-pass builtin github part of Emacs 26.1
less-css-mode builtin github part of Emacs 26.1

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2020-03-07 Sat 23:13