Table of Contents


1 Summary

Archive/Type Epkg Mirror Attic Emacs Gelpa Melpa
builtin 423     426 5  
elpa 93 93     138  
elpa-branch 7 7     12  
github 3747 3747       3319
gitlab 25 25       25
git 56 56       44
subtree 22 22        
bitbucket 44 44       38
hg 1 1       1
bzr           2
cvs           4
darcs           2
fossil           0
svn           9
wiki 737 737       157
file 286 286        
minority 28 28        
orphaned 61 61        
shelved 972   972      
total 6502 5107 972 426 155 3601

2 Emacs

2.1 New

2.2 Removed

2.3 Prefer elpa

Package (2) Type
ada-mode elpa
seq elpa

2.4 Prefer upstream

Package (1) Type
org git

3 Gelpa

3.1 New

3.2 Pending

3.3 Special cases

Package (1) Reason
cl-print :core imported as minority because only in master (26.0.50)

3.4 Prefer builtin

Package (7) Reason
cl-generic Elpa has backport of builtin
cl-lib Elpa has backport of builtin
let-alist Elpa has copy of builtin
ntlm Elpa has copy of builtin
pinentry Elpa imports outdated upstream
python Elpa has copy of builtin
soap-client Elpa has copy of builtin

3.5 Prefer upstream

Package (58) Type Gelpa Method Reason Link
ace-window github :subtree! :squash squash abo-abo/ace-window
ack github :subtree :merge leoliu/sokoban#2 leoliu/ack-el
aggressive-indent github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/aggressive-indent-mode
ahungry-theme github :subtree! :squash   ahungry/color-theme-ahungry
async github :subtree! :squash squash jwiegley/emacs-async
avy github :subtree! :squash squash abo-abo/avy
beacon github :subtree! :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/beacon
bug-hunter github :subtree :merge melpa#3383 Malabarba/elisp-bug-hunter
cl-print minority :core :merge    
coffee-mode github :subtree :merge #34#67443674 defunkt/coffee-mode
company github :subtree :squash squash #34#67203059 company-mode/company-mode
company-math github :subtree :squash squash #69#164841865 vspinu/company-math
company-statistics github :subtree! :squash squash company-mode/company-statistics
dash github :external   external magnars/dash.el
dbus-codegen github :subtree :squash squash ueno/dbus-codegen-el
delight git :subtree :merge
diff-hl github :subtree :squash #34#67203059 dgutov/diff-hl
diffview github :subtree :merge   mgalgs/diffview-mode
dts-mode github :subtree :merge #69#164455502 bgamari/dts-mode
easy-kill github :subtree :merge melpa#3383#164356304 leoliu/easy-kill
eldoc-eval github :subtree :merge #34#67275846 thierryvolpiatto/eldoc-eval
electric-spacing github :subtree! :merge #69#164462609 xwl/electric-spacing
ergoemacs-mode github :external   melpa#3383#164897071 ergoemacs/ergoemacs-mode
exwm github :external   external ch11ng/exwm
ggtags github :subtree :merge leoliu/sokoban#2 leoliu/ggtags
gnorb github :subtree :squash squash girzel/gnorb
highlight-escape-sequences github :subtree :merge   dgutov/highlight-escape-sequences
hydra github :subtree! :squash squash abo-abo/hydra
hyperbole git :external
ioccur github :subtree :merge #34#67275846 thierryvolpiatto/ioccur
ivy github :subtree! :squash squash abo-abo/swiper
js2-mode github :subtree :squash #34#67203059 mooz/js2-mode
json-mode github :subtree! :merge   joshwnj/json-mode
load-relative github :subtree! :squash   rocky/emacs-load-relative
loc-changes github :subtree! :squash #69#164446621 rocky/emacs-loc-changes
loccur github :subtree! :squash! squash fourier/loccur
math-symbol-lists github :subtree :squash squash #69#164841865 vspinu/math-symbol-lists
nameless github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/Nameless
names github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/names
on-screen github :subtree :squash #69#164450677 michael-heerdegen/on-screen.el
org git :core
pabbrev github :external   melpa#3383#164418230 phillord/pabbrev
parsec github :subtree :squash   cute-jumper/parsec.el
realgud github :subtree! :squash   rocky/emacs-dbgr
rich-minority github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/rich-minority
sotlisp github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/speed-of-thought-lisp
spinner github :subtree :squash melpa#3383 Malabarba/spinner.el
systemd github :subtree! :merge   holomorph/systemd-mode
test-simple github :subtree :squash #69#164446621 rocky/emacs-test-simple
tiny github :subtree! :squash squash abo-abo/tiny
undo-tree git :subtree! :squash! squash
vlf github :subtree! :merge melpa#3383#164299250 m00natic/vlfi
wcheck-mode github :subtree :merge #34#68142129 tlikonen/wcheck-mode
web-server github :subtree :squash melpa#3394 eschulte/emacs-web-server
websocket github :subtree :merge #34#68123453 ahyatt/emacs-websocket
xelb github :external   external ch11ng/xelb
yasnippet github :subtree :merge #34#67199311 joaotavora/yasnippet
ztree github :subtree :squash melpa#3383#164285940 fourier/ztree

4 Melpa

4.1 New

4.2 Pending

Package (1) Reason
flow-mode don't add; melpa#4638

4.3 Shared repositories

Primary package (74) Secondary package Type
ac-php ac-php-core github
ac-php company-php github
axiom-environment ob-axiom bitbucket
biblio biblio-core github
button-lock wiki-nav github
chumpy-windows spaces github
chumpy-windows splitter github
chumpy-windows window-jump github
circe tracking github
clojure-mode clojure-mode-extra-font-locking github
codesearch projectile-codesearch github
copyit copyit-pandoc github
ctl-mode gs-mode github
dash dash-functional github
datetime-format timecop github
ddskk ccc github
ddskk cdb github
deferred concurrent github
dictionary connection github
dictionary link github
dired-hacks dired-avfs github
dired-hacks dired-filter github
dired-hacks dired-hacks-utils github
dired-hacks dired-narrow github
dired-hacks dired-open github
dired-hacks dired-rainbow github
dired-hacks dired-ranger github
dired-hacks dired-subtree github
distel-completion-lib auto-complete-distel github
distel-completion-lib company-distel github
dix dix-evil github
django-mode django-snippets github
eclim ac-emacs-eclim github
eclim company-emacs-eclim github
elfeed elfeed-web github
emacsql emacsql-mysql github
emacsql emacsql-psql github
emacsql emacsql-sqlite github
esqlite esqlite-helm github
factor-mode fuel git
flx flx-ido github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-helm github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-ivy github
flyspell-correct flyspell-correct-popup github
git-emacs git-blamed github
git-modes gitattributes-mode github
git-modes gitconfig-mode github
git-modes gitignore-mode github
gitlab helm-gitlab github
gitlab ivy-gitlab github
go-mode go-guru github
go-mode go-rename github
groovy-mode grails-mode github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-base github
haskell-emacs haskell-emacs-text github
helm helm-core github
helm-bibtex ivy-bibtex github
historian ivy-historian github
ido-ubiquitous ido-completing-read+ github
ivy counsel github
ivy ivy-hydra github
ivy swiper github
jade-mode stylus-mode github
jade-mode sws-mode github
jedi jedi-core github
jump inflections github
kaesar kaesar-file github
kaesar kaesar-mode github
kubernetes kubernetes-evil github
load-theme-buffer-local color-theme-buffer-local github
magit git-commit github
magit magit-popup github
nameframe nameframe-perspective github
nameframe nameframe-projectile github
nand2tetris company-nand2tetris github
nand2tetris nand2tetris-assembler github
nixos-options company-nixos-options github
nixos-options helm-nixos-options github
nixos-options nix-sandbox github
nxhtml sml-modeline orphaned
opener evil-opener github
org org-mac-iCal git
org org-mac-link git
ox-twiki ox-tiddly github
pig-mode pig-snippets github
pollen-mode company-pollen github
processing-mode processing-snippets github
prosjekt anything-prosjekt github
prosjekt dirtree-prosjekt github
prosjekt helm-prosjekt github
request request-deferred github
restclient restclient-helm github
rinari ruby-compilation github
ripgrep projectile-ripgrep github
rtags ac-rtags github
rtags company-rtags github
rtags flycheck-rtags github
rtags helm-rtags github
rtags ivy-rtags github
sift projectile-sift github
smart-mode-line smart-mode-line-powerline-theme github
sourcekit company-sourcekit github
speechd speechd-el git
springboard ido-springboard github
stan-mode stan-snippets github
term-manager term-projectile github
tern tern-auto-complete github
use-package bind-key github
use-package-chords bind-chord github
w3m shimbun orphaned
wgrep wgrep-ack github
wgrep wgrep-ag github
wgrep wgrep-helm github
wgrep wgrep-pt github
ycm company-ycm github
ycmd company-ycmd github
ycmd flycheck-ycmd github

4.4 Diverging repositories

4.5 Diverging types

Package (30) Type Melpa Reason
autotest minority github unrelated in one git repo #5
caml orphaned svn svn
cfengine-code-style minority github mostly non-elisp
cg orphaned svn svn
clang-format orphaned svn svn
cmake-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
color-theme orphaned bzr bzr
confluence orphaned svn svn
cython-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
darcsum minority darcs darcs e6d8b3b
debian-bug minority cvs mostly non-elisp
debian-changelog-mode minority cvs mostly non-elisp
dic-lookup-w3m orphaned svn svn
diffscuss-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
dsvn minority svn svn
google-c-style minority github mostly non-elisp
helm-ls-svn orphaned svn svn
llvm-mode minority git mostly non-elisp
nemerle minority github mostly non-elisp
ninja-mode minority github mostly non-elisp
ox-clip minority github unrelated in one git repo #21
po-mode minority git mostly non-elisp
pylint minority github mostly non-elisp
ruby-additional minority svn svn
ruby-electric minority svn svn
tex-smart-umlauts minority darcs darcs
thrift minority github mostly non-elisp
toggle minority github unrelated in one git repo #5
w3m orphaned cvs cvs melpa#3378
wisp-mode minority bitbucket mostly non-elisp

Author: Jonas Bernoulli

Created: 2017-04-19 Wed 18:35