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Appendix A Function and Command Index

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epkg: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-db: Querying the Database
epkg-describe-package: Describing a Package
epkg-list-describe-package: Describing a Package
epkg-list-keyworded-packages: Listing Packages
epkg-list-matching-packages: Listing Packages
epkg-list-packages: Listing Packages
epkg-list-packages-by-author: Listing Packages
epkg-list-packages-of-type: Listing Packages
epkg-package-types: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-provided: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-provided-by: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-read-package: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-read-type: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-required: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-reverse-dependencies: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-sql: Querying the Database
epkg-type: Using Epkg Objects
epkg-update: Installation
epkgs: Using Epkg Objects

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