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2.1 Using https URLs

For drones whose upstream repositories are located on Github or Gitlab the emacs.g collective uses the ssh protocol by default, which is a problem if you don’t have accounts there and have not properly setup your keys.

Luckily this can easily be fixed using the following global rules.

git config --global url.https://github.com/.insteadOf git@github.com:
git config --global url.https://gitlab.com/.insteadOf git@gitlab.com:

If you don’t want to configure this globally, then you can also configure Borg itself to prefer the https URLS.

(setq borg-rewrite-urls-alist
      '(("git@github.com:" . "https://github.com/")
        ("git@gitlab.com:" . "https://gitlab.com/")))

This does not affect packages that have already been assimilated. During bootstrapping you have to change the URLs for packages that are assimilated by default.

cd ~/.emacs.d
sed -i "s|git@github.com:|https://github.com/|g" .gitmodules
sed -i "s|git@gitlab.com:|https://gitlab.com/|g" .gitmodules
git commit -m "Use https URLs for Github and Gitlab"

If you have already run make bootstrap, then you also have to edit .git/config.

cd ~/.emacs.d
sed -i "s|git@github.com:|https://github.com/|g" .git/config
sed -i "s|git@gitlab.com:|https://gitlab.com/|g" .git/config