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3 Startup

The user-init-file, ~/.emacs.d/init.el, has to contain a call to borg-initialize. It should also set package-enable-at-startup to nil unless you really want to use both borg and package at the same time.

Function: borg-initialize

This function initializes assimilated drones using borg-activate.

To skip the activation of the drone named DRONE, temporarily disable it by setting the value of the Git variable submodule.DRONE.disabled to true in ~/.emacs.d/.gitmodules.

Command: borg-activate clone

This function activates the clone named CLONE by adding the appropriate directories to the load-path and to Info-directory-list, and by loading the autoloads file, if it exists.

Unlike borg-initialize, this function ignores the Git variable submodule.DRONE.disabled and can be used to activate clones that have not been assimilated.